For Kimberly,

For Kimberly,

Sheer top

Trench coat

Gem bag

Tear drop necklace

Alexis Bittar post earrings

Feather hair accessory
$160 -

Ray-Ban plastic sunglasses
$185 -

This outfit is especially for my niece who happens to be older than me and currently uses me as her unpaid stylist- this is one of the examples. She recently bought a similar pair of pastel jeans and asked me to put something together for her -since then I've been doing my research (LOL Llookbook and Tumblr) because I realise we have a different style. I hope she likes this. I decided to make the blue pastel jeans the main focal point and working around it by using different shades of pink up to a creams/white. I also dint want to colour block - thats Coco's speciality. If you scroll down you'll notice I prefer gold jewellery when there are light colours involved in this case white sunglasses. Triangle jewellery is also pretty fun so I made it a motif within the ouutfit as well as the shoes -flouro Louboutins- bright and prettyful! Due to the English summer I thought a straight trench coat would be perfect for this ( ps I saw a girl wearing one today- I'm guessing it was from Zara, it was an ombre colour from a tan colour to a darker brown I should have asked to be honest *sigh. Thank you girl with the straight trench coat)

Ill let you know what Kimberly says, but here are some of the pictures I liked during my research!
Love Chezz, 

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