Girl Power: Asos Peplum Hem Skirt

Hi guys!
So this post was totally random. I had planned what my next few posts were going to be. I even have the pictures. But I couldn't help myself when I got hold of this skirt. I have only just noticed I have a huge obsession with skirts! All my posts are heavily skirt-inspired (can't actually think of any way to explain it). I'm not quite sure where this addiction has come from. Maybe its because of my Tuesday evenings after work. My journey home from work are not pleasant! I detest travelling during rush hour! To make it worse, I take the busiest lines on the London underground! However my Tuesday evenings are slightly better as I pick up a copy of the Stylist magazine on my way home.  Their last couple of issues have been emphasizing feminism, female power, girl power; you name it. Really inspiring and I've never felt so empowered, so in love with the fact that I'm a woman like I do now. Women are taking over the world boys, (Beyonce warned you!). Even my work wardrobe consists of an ample collection of skirts (I see a work wear post coming soon). It's quite intriguing really, the last two years I have been in love with trousers, tailored trousers - those that made me feel like I'm about to take on the world. However my new found love for skirts is rather profound. I don't see myself changing that. Whether it maybe the midi skirt, pencil skirt, skater skirt; skirt skirt skirts. I love being a girl. 

Kandee Shoes: Luxe Collection

Hi guys! Again, I have failed to keep to my promise to be more consistent. It's not that I have nothing to post. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE with you believe me. It's a matter of finding the time. I'm just extremely busy these days but I will try much harder. This post however, is not about me! I've been in love with Kandee shoes since an old colleague of mine told me about them. If you somehow in some sort of way have not seen nor heard of them (I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why); they have been spotted on our most stylish celebs; Ashley Madekwe, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding to name a few. I was extremely excited when they took interest in our blog. To write about their LUXE collection in that matter. Their shoes are always fab, unique and trendy. You can not possibly go wrong with a pair of Kandee shoes. Their winter Luxe collection includes a range of studded pairs, cut outs, leopard prints and embellishments. There is literally no better way to SLAY this not so fabulous weather. The platforms on the shoes are to die for. My favorite shoes are the knee high boots and I suggested you grab yourself a pair now as they are limited edition!

I have picked out 3 of my favorite pairs from the collection; it was a long and hard decision, but these were my winners!
Saint| £170
I absolutely love these babies. They tick every box. Perfect height for everyday wear and they tick all the boxes. Usually leopard print and studs at the same time looks busy but here they compliment each other. I will be needing a new pair for work and every (other) day. These are on top of my list after payday! AMAZING. ***MUST HAVE*** Get yours here now.