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So Cherish accidentally deleted the ss13 Trend Report *gasps* lol I know I posted it 3months ago but we aren't even into spring/ summer yet so it can still come in handy lol.
Here's the post exactly how it was back then with no changes. Yes I'm a computer whizz. I managed to get it all back.

Hi guys!! I've been soooooooo reluctant to do a Spring/ summer trend report ever since the ss13 fashion shows finished simply because I didn't want to do it too early in case I have more winter stuff to post. Turns out I'm extremely busy so I have no time for neither! It's 4am and I've been sitting here for God knows how long watching fashion shows.. Once I start there's no stopping me lol.
I have a love hate relationship with ss fashion and that's because it has soooooooo much variety and we get to wear pretty much anything we want. However its trends are ALWAYS closely linked to the previous season or very much alike to the ss fashion the year before with the tiniest change. Of course there are new trends but I could do with massive changes.
Now lets start lol.

REPORT1: Checks, Brights and Florals
- I absolutely loved the LV show. It had the 1960s theme with the mod look. The whole floor was yellow tiled and the models were coming off escalators. I think the tiles gave it away that the main theme would be checks. Nevertheless it was exciting to watch and intriguing as the models walked out in pairs. Marc Jacobs did well there as he had clear visuals of maxi, midi and mini. On that note checks are definitely in next season.
- Bright and bold colours are going to be key trend next season. I was in love with a few jumpsuits from Issa and they were accessorised well with gold jewellery. Clashing brights are also in. I take it colour blocking is back! But please keep it chic, classy and clean! I chose the dress from Christian Dior's collection as it has clashing brights. If you look closely you'll see there is a streak of bright pink under the bright orange.Sounds odd? But it looks good!
- Yes florals are back in! I'm quite happy about that because I didn't get to enjoy them as much during ss12 cos I was hesitant of them remembering how much I had worn that trend the year before that (or before that) lol. Next season the florals have taken a different turn. They are coming in digital prints rather than illustrated prints. So be careful of bees this summer haha. Just Cavalli, Holly Fulton, Etro and Edern have a nice collection of these florals.
 Designers from left: Louis Vitton,Christian Dior and Etro. 

And Other Stories

Garden and Gowns of Delight!| Summer 2013 Inspirations

University of Portsmouth. Class of '13! Yes I'll be part of that in a few months! By God's Grace indeed. Explains the lack of posts recently! I'm pleased though. We've had a few hits from other countries other than the UK and the US in the past month disregarding our lack of posts. Thank you Thank you. We got the most pageviews from ofcourse UK and US but also Australia, Phillipines and Canada. Got single hits from Spain, Columbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina hehe. I'm merely just saying thank you. Hopefully very soon I'll be able to post more.

Since University has taken over my life I thought why not post something that wont make me feel so bad for neglecting my work lol. It's our graduation ball very soon and the theme has finally been revealed lol *drumroll* Secret Garden Grad Ball! The title is pretty much self explanatory. I'm so so excited lol. It's probably going to be a night I will never forget hehe. I was looking at spring couture '13 shows and they gave me butterflies (lol that wasn't on purpose).
The collections were filled with floral prints, romantic silhouettes, delicate and feminine shades. Absolute ethereal beauty!  My university could not have picked a better theme for this year. The grad ball theme is parallel to the current couture trends.
I randomly started looking at dresses for the ball and that sent me to look at catwalk inspiration.
(Designers from Left:Georges Hobeika, Elie Saab and Georges Hobeika)

All the collections were light, airy and feminine. The shows I like the best were of course Ellie Saab and Giambattisa Valli but since I discovered Zuhair Murad I'm considering him as Saab's competition lol. I think mostt of the ensembles were aiming to emphasise the female body with sexy silhouettes and pastel. So effortless and flirty. Pastels and whites were the main colors if not florals. What I loved the most were the embroiderries and embellishments on the dresses.

(Designers from Left: Zuhair Murad, Zuhair Murad and Christian Dior)

Now of course I won’t find exact replicas but this hopefully will help people get ideas on what dress they want to wear to whatever occasion they have coming up this season. Doesn't necessarily have to be Garden themed lol.. Enjoy and ciao!
- Coco xx

 (Designers from Left: Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad)