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I cannot remember the last time I blogged to be frank *awaits applause and roses from crowd*- though I have to say Im having some trouble typing this out- my middle right finger is in a state right now. 

Never the less enough about me, Im currently excited about the New H&M brand '&OtherStories', Its like purgatory between Alexander Wang meets H&M. I've noticed that's the designs aren't just by H&M designing team- there was involvement from fashion students I think that is pretty amazing on it own, "All our lines are diverse, ranging from masculine tailoring to feminine chic and designed to provide endless styling choices." I couldn't have said it better. Since the last posts I've made I think I've spent more time trying to find my style, seems to me nothing excites me more than monochrome, muted colours (pastels), and neutrals-simplicity. Whats important (when you're forever broke) is to invest in the great 'affordable' things, cluttering outwits with too many ideas just wont cut it. If you're like me or have clocked on to the SS13 collections your in for a treat! They even gat' a beauty section!!

Much Love 

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