Unless you live in Bedrock, you'd be well informed about the AWXH&M 2015 collection, which just premiered. I noticed that,a few people really disliked the collection before the show, which in all fairness, I understand- Sports Luxe made an impromptu appearance about 3 years ago or so and hasn't backed down- multifaceted but prominent nonetheless. I personally have a thing for it- due the fact that I'm so curvy it either looks great or just unflattering on me, I like to resolve such conundrums. Here is where Wang comes in with his flowing hair, prancing all over the gaff after the AWXH&M show, there is combination of oversized outerwear, paired with figure hugging dresses, still retaining the sport luxe look through a use of asymmetric pattern cutting paired with the WANG aesthetics of gradient colour paneling. This should give all body types a few options. The styling was basically a shrine to all that is WANG and combat discipline, black straps along the arms, hugging the torso to accentuate the muscle lining, a variation of see-through or american football type headwear and obviously the cast was a collective of a range of athletic shapes.  I personally loved the outerwear and accessories more than anything, I'm not a fan of leather panelling much since twitter t-shirt designers have rinsed, dried out then burnt out that fad- which wasn't as great in the first place *tries to recall if I've worn a leather panelled anything in past posts before throwing glitter shade-*. Solange was among the guests that made an appearance- Dakota Fanning, Mellisa George- lets not forget that Missy Elliot made an apperance - all dressed in a bit of Wang! The playlist was a compilation of Trap, Rap, more BASS!!  I've decided to only post the womenswear, because I'm kinda selfish like that- (link at the bottom) nonetheless... Enjoy!

. 06 . 11 .






I introduce KORgurlz (Kronikles Of Roomies), I did this freehand and added some very simple tech stuff. Its a bit of a mess but I hope it conveys the message I'm trying to get across which is pure non-sense. The comic book follows  three roommates that find selfish and obscure ways to save the world and at their own pace. The three girls are loosely based around my personality one girl being myself, the other two girls are actually my real friends too- Funmi (Lola) and Kelly. Dr. Z who is Zaria my 4 year old niece, is also a main character. Nonetheless, adventures like these almost always end up attracting the wrong sort of attention, throughout we meet characters based and depending on the people I come across and spend time with in real life. The comic book involves bits and bobs that compliment the story as well as using other mediums, I find one medium one dimensional.
The initial reason and idea behind the comic book was purely to escape from my mind, due to the fact that I had been recently diagnosed with having quite a depressive state which I'm still battling. The comic book enabled me to move away from feeling stagnant and slowly developed into something I would really like to see through.  I hope this excites your sense thus far.






Hello guys, long time no parle. I hope all is well on this lazy Sunday. I woke up feeling like blogging and making empty promises about more and AMAZING posts for you guys. I also have to vaguely update you- pretty sure Coco does too!

I shall start with the fact that I am currently enrolled into a programme called Star Track with Spark+Mettle, in short this is what they do "Spark+Mettle is a charity that uses coaching, tech and collaborative events to build character strengths, soft skills and networks in young people.". Its officially been a week since I've started and other than coming to understand myself and how others work, Im coming to understand that there are, Oh! SO many ways people learn. Im one of those philosophic students that believe I learn through my own life experiences and I probably have everything within me already to make me flourish, this programme condones these beliefs. I graduate in April and will likely take over the world by the time I'm done. If you're lost about what you want to do with yourself, and are a true creative I advise you to watch out for the 2015-16 term. I really can't wait to see how my life is at the end of it all.

In other news I have a few projects brewing up, I'm still in the planning stages, however I feel like being this vague only does more harm then good. Im working on a comic book, a very girly comic book, I have worked on my first issue although I'm probably going to use that as a draft and pilot, The second project I will keep under wraps completely due to the fact that Id like to take my time with it, Its fashion based and essentially is my way of exploring the grand enigma that is the female form,  I will explain once my idea is a solid plan tho'. My final project a film series will be coming your way too- I have an amazing muse atm and I've just only realised the things I could do with her- for your entertainment (I get that this sounds wrong, lets just pause... and savor this wrongness).


Finally. Here is Bae the first. Nora's Blue. She will be very different the next time you see her and a name change.



Probably my most fave leisure reads for this summer, I am still reading it coz its so darned chunky, besides I hate too much excitement- its like having a gallon of sweets in one sitting. The illustration just pulls the whole thing together, I feel compelled to sbscribe- I NEVER ever do that! (replacing Netflix me thinks?) This shoot by Drew Jarret as a feature on Marc Jacobs AW14 for Love Mag- tell me this is the spitome of all that is chic and demure? 

copyright of LOVEmag by Drew Jarret

chick flick mantra :: prt1

Ive spent most of my day wallowing in self pity due to my broken finger- Basically i slammed my finger in between the door of a car- a moving car ,should I add. The pain was awful but it took me like a nights good sleep to realize that I hurt my right finger and might not be able to paint for a while- AND I'm right in the middle of a project. However- As you do; I took myself and my nieces to go shopping for junk food so I can wallow in more pity about my weight and the dimming light at the end of making a living from my hobby.

I spent my day watching chick flickz and I'm pretty certain I am not finished yet whilst doing so I realized not only can we learn crucial styling tips (facts/scriptures) we indulge in these sweet over exaggerated flicks because they remind us of our simple yet disabling problems as well as making up for the things we don't have. i.e Uptown Girls the hopelessly clumsy girl, with absolute charisma yet fails in love or a career- although her social life is booming (speaking of social life I should be at a friends but i cant go coz I have no one to help me tie my hair up... sad but honest). Anyway in the space of Clueless, Legally Blonde and Uptown Girls, i was motivated saddened (remind me to get some Kleenex for days like these) and I was in a sense empowered. 

The idea that these seemingly clueless girls went out their way to do all they had to do to get in a position where they saw them selves fit (Self Love :: Self worth)

There was always that one person that believed in them more than they ever did in themselves, most cases we find our voices through others- whether it be they coerce us into it, or they simply aid us in doing so. (Finding a voice :: Self Belief ). 

My fave part is sister hood- that's self explanatory, we are friends with the people who we choose and those friendships gives room to explore your similarities and differences -essentially why you are mates. (Sisterhood :: Finding a sense of self). Above all I love how chick flicks such as these, look everything that is girls in the same way some people would approach religion/spirituality.

Jokes aside, I'm yet to get past the clumsy girl phase,  I somehow  get an amazing career that I passionately  love, not forgetting falling in deep like/infatuation with some charming lad- coz right now all I want is muse. I must dash now more movies to be watched and Nietzsche books to be ignored... *sigh. ps my fave accessory from Uptown Girls had to be Dakota's sunglasses .OMG!!

grease meets cudi!

 waistcoat ; charity shop // shorts ; no clue // vest ; mate // shoes ; ebay fun&co.

i dare you to go through summer without touching your denim short shorts, literally impossible- the things is that we all end up looking the same in denim- you know... those denim shorts and the cute crop top but you decide to wear trainers because "they might just give you more notes on tumblr- coz its such a cute fit with you're trendy curly hair".. right?   Well yes what the heck else am I supposed to aspire too? Although with this outfit I tried to embody a form of masculinity, so no curls and cuteness. I feel like if Grease was redone in this decade they'd need me to style Danny- I mean you saw Cudi in a crop top at Coachella (he gets 10 life points for that) - the denim waist coat still shows off the arms as they would and should in Grease, why wear skinny fitted jeans when you can wear loose shorts that make your legs looks even slimmer. (I would like to know if im selling the idea yet- if not please read again then again and again until you're near enough a trance?) and if you dint like Cudi in a crop-top- I feel like you don't like all things good and beautiful.

 OMG! who has been playing the Kim Kardashian Game!? I need mates add me : fmarakami

wear this: to your next Grease themed party.

incase you dint see this cutey being overly cute. 

etiquette lessons

jumper ; h&m . top : charity shop . trousers : ebay . shoes : charity shop

i just came out the shower and threw this on, im not really on my way to get etiquette lessons -though ive been contemplating polishing up on my more cultural skills as of recent, not sure what for- but its really really important pressing stuff, as you can see . the colour pallete is just too fetch for life- that shade of purple- to be quite precise a pastel lilac is one of my summer to goes atm. i think its important to have a select few colours to make sure you wont to go for anything and everything, you dont over spend but rather invest in a few collectables that can always be transferable. if you go back to my older posts you will notice i tried so hard to go with trends- and i cant. i just cant keep up and my outfits looks less that impressive! =( i just wanna keep it nasty, how do i tell my mum i'm just tryna make it nasty?? huh? lifes too short not to keep/make it nasty, "that's what i always say" (shrek says this about burping btw). get at me! oh yeah i was drinking wine if you havent already noticed. its healthy! #DUH

wear this : your local council estate, etiquette lessons

stay na$ty

dEthroning kings.

dress : charity shop . ribbon : cake . sunglasses : ebay . monster boots : ebay .

so its been an awful while guys (do u even remember me? lolz), and im not going explain myself really- ive been busy doing nothing to be quite frank. before i carry on this is my new room,- well part of my new room. so u can imagine what ive been getting myself into. 

my style is still strange but i guess i'm in a new phase of strange, i call this the youthful pop teen phase, my inspiration for this summer, typically classic teen high school movies, my most fave being clueless and most independent movies like clerks, pizza, napoleon dynamite even cartoons like power puff girls, dexters lab (remember dee dee's cute outfit). i spent most of the afternoon yesterday watching power puff girls i feel like i went for this graphic flower print subconsciously, now that i think of it. (ps i'm watching these shows for my research, like duh- not because i'm suffering withdrawal symptoms of growing up coz its my birthday soon, or whatever... ). I am now avoiding jewelery that inst a choker or the last of my few rings, once i loose these i'm done buying rings- honestly i loose all my shit and i'm just over this. consumerism wins all the time, and now i just can't afford to care. my chockers and sunglasses are always in a bag or on me- so i never lose them. last but most relevant! my hair = mia. wallace!

where to wear this: anywhere!! on your way to throwing shade at frenemies or simply dethroning kings. whatevz

$tay na$ty!


I'm NOT Loving It!| Moschino AW14


Hi guys!
So the sun is starting to set a little later and the rays are starting to feel a little warmer. That can only mean one thing right? Spring/ summer is coming! Now as we get closer to what maybe my favourite season in fashion, we all tend to find ourselves watching and flicking through catwalks and collections to see what’s in store for the oncoming season. For our fashion forward friends, this means pepping for autumn winter.  Only a couple of months ago we were enjoying fashion week(s) or month in that matter. As we focused on the four leading fashion capitals (Paris, New York, London and Milan), there was a single collection that managed to single-handedly be the talk of the industry before the Milan fashion week was over. A rather strange thing to occur as all collections are usually looked at and we try to find repeating patterns at the very end.

 Nevertheless, Moschino has been the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons really. Moschino never fails to disappoint. But this time, they have subsequently failed and disappointed.  Jeremy Scott was the man behind this atrocity. Although we must applaud him for the creativity and bravery for this collection, we also have to question the thoughts behind it, or if there were any thoughts to it all.  Jeremy Scott started as creative director at Moschino late October and he was keen on starting to design for the brand.
It feels as though Jeremy might have an unhealthy relationship with fast foods, or is it that he missed out on his childhood? Fashion appreciates any designer that can take what we see every day or ordinary things and transform it into something fabulous. But Moschino’s collection took the idea of ‘ordinary things’ a little too literal.

Vogue Festival| Harrods Live| Harrods Live Experience

I decided to do two separate posts on Vogue Festival; as it was in association with Harrods I thought it would be ideal to talk about the Harrods experience independently. So I'll start with the way my day started! I has woken up late and had my outfit planned already. All I had to do was put it on. I had planned to wear my Fleur B skirt I had bought at London Fashion weekend. To my horror, the skirt was FARRRRRR too big for me. There was no way I was going to wear it to Vogue Festival! I had to think quickly and I put on the first thing I saw. With that being said, I was off! As I've already discussed the Vogue Festival itself, I'll just get straight into Harrods Live then!

Vogue Festival 2014

Buckle up guys! This is going to be a wordy post! I genuinely don't know where to start! Vogue Festival came back again for the third year running after it's success in 2012 and 2013. As soon as I found out the dates of the festival I was watching Vogue's website like a hawk! It was just before London Fashion Week when they released the dates and there was absolutely no way I was missing this event. It is an event not to be missed, and if you are a fashion fanatic like myself; it's a must go! For two days, leading designers, fashion editors, celebrities, models (the list is endless) invite us into their world of fashion. First hand. It was in association with Harrods and had it's biggest line up yet! It was a difficult choice for me to choose which day to attend but there are THREE names that made me book a ticket for Sunday and (in no particular order) they are KARLIE KLOSS, MIROSLAVA DUMA and NAOMI CAMPBELL. Of course Alexandra Shulman would be attending both days but the fact that she would be on the panel talk too on Sunday was a bonus. I'm not going to tell you what Vogue Festival is about as I'm sure you all have a very clear idea, hence I'm going to share my experience with you.

Lost Files #1| Dirndl Skirt


Hi guys,
We are slowly approaching spring and due to my miserable attempts to simultaneously cope with work life and social life, I have numerous pictures for Winter/Autumn posts which I never got the chance to upload. Seeing as the season is almost over I thought to finally post these before it is completely too late. So, today's post, is focusing on dirndl skirts (surprise surprise). I know I already have a WHOLE post about these skirts but I just can't get enough of them. The dirndl skirt always appears on the best runways in various colours, styles, prints, textures etc. They are a definite season must have and I'm certain they will be in next season too though I would recommend to get more summery colours (pastels and monochrome). I love these skirts because they are the ultimate lady wear (in my biased opinion of course). I like the fact that this skirt has a pretty silhouette. Of course when you think of silhouettes, you think of figure hugging clothes to show off the curves. But these skirts go way back in history to the 50's when the tiny waistline was the hallmark. It's the clever small waistband that gives the skirt the perfect lady shape. No matter your shape, this skirt will always have a smaller waistband. The bottom of the skirt of course is full and circular; giving off a feel of the curves (they come out after the waist right). With that being said, dirndl skirts are appropriate for any occasion, even the office! I however, have not been brave enough to wear one like this to work. Although the skirt is traditional, in terms of it's prominence in the olden days, you can easily modernise it with a pair of heels or boots and some accessories if you like. If that's a bit much for you you can wear them with a pair of flats for a young and fun look. It's a perfect street style wear too. You'll definitely have a few heads turn around. You'll be surprised how much attention this skirt can bring with it's minimal leg show. If you don't necessarily want a dirndl skirt you can add a tiny waist belt on top of a coat or dress with a similar style.
I absolutely love this skirt because of the pattern and the texture is amazing. It's extremely warm and slight heavy! I love how there are low pockets just below the hips; that alone nails the 1950's look.

Winter Whites| OOTD

Hi guys,

So I've noticed I never post any OOTDS. Now that I have my own camera I hope to do a lot of these a lot more. They maybe just a normal every fit or my favourite fits. Who knows. I just want to find ways to engage with you guys as much as I can. Today's fit was a 5 minute outfit! I woke up with a toothache from hell so I had to cancel work and book an emergency appointment. To make the most of my day off I decided to go shopping with my sister after my appointment. I had no time to get ready and just picked up these white jeans and the cami top hoped for the best. I then paired them with these cute shoes. To make my look a little neutral I wore my nude/ tan coat to compliment the shoes. I added the brown skinny belt to accentuate my waist as the coat is a little oversized. This fit is quick and quite clean. You couldn't tell it was a rushed outfit. Or would you?
Hope you like the fit! If not..there will be plenty more!