Vogue Festival 2014

Buckle up guys! This is going to be a wordy post! I genuinely don't know where to start! Vogue Festival came back again for the third year running after it's success in 2012 and 2013. As soon as I found out the dates of the festival I was watching Vogue's website like a hawk! It was just before London Fashion Week when they released the dates and there was absolutely no way I was missing this event. It is an event not to be missed, and if you are a fashion fanatic like myself; it's a must go! For two days, leading designers, fashion editors, celebrities, models (the list is endless) invite us into their world of fashion. First hand. It was in association with Harrods and had it's biggest line up yet! It was a difficult choice for me to choose which day to attend but there are THREE names that made me book a ticket for Sunday and (in no particular order) they are KARLIE KLOSS, MIROSLAVA DUMA and NAOMI CAMPBELL. Of course Alexandra Shulman would be attending both days but the fact that she would be on the panel talk too on Sunday was a bonus. I'm not going to tell you what Vogue Festival is about as I'm sure you all have a very clear idea, hence I'm going to share my experience with you.

So the first panel talk was at 10:30am and was titled 'What's it really like to be a model?' and the panel speakers were Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn (our East London model), Edi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. For everyone that knows me, they know how MUCH i LOVE Karlie Kloss. She's my favourite model. Have you seen her walk the catwalk?! I can always tell her apart from the other models by just watching her walk. And I watched Victoria's Secret Fashion show in the library at uni because I could not wait to see her walk her first VS show. With that being said, it was unfortunate that I MISSED the 10:30am start on Sunday. I physically could not wake up for the early start (never mind that I go to work Monday to Friday starting at 8:30am!). It was frustrating but I still had 3 more panel talks to see.

I got there just in time for the second panel talk 'Fashion, Beauty and the Digital Revolution' with Nick Knight, queen of prints Mary Katranzou, Pixie Geldof and of course Miroslava Duma. The title is pretty much self explanatory and actually informed us the importance of social media from Pixie Geldof's dog to the success of Buro 24/7.  It was an eye opener for myself really. In all honesty I didn't like Mary Katranzou when I first discovered her, I got rather upset when she had a collection for Topshop. But I got to love her and appreciate her designs over time and now I can't get enough of her. They all had a sense of humour with Mary's determnation to tell people their designer dress on instagram ... and having her comments deleted! I was mostly inspired by one of my top two style icons Miroslava who spoke about he she got Russia on the map. Not long ago the words fashion and Russia were never associated, and of course how Mira has the attention of every blogger and so popular on instagram with her amazing outfits.

From left: Pixie| Mary| Mira| Nick

From there I toured the hall. There was so much going on! First I stepped into the Vogue Shop where they had Vogue merchandise. From pencils, flasks to Vogue jumpers and designer work books. I fell in love with the Vogue Tee by Dolce and Gabanna which had a rich printed picture that is so Vogue. They were selling for £40 so if anyone wants one, be prepared to spend way over that as I doubt they will be selling in any stores. They also had an offer for 10 Vogue subscriptions (+10 iPad subscriptions); all for just £19, usual price £31.85. Around that area was Vogue Cafe where they had snacks and refreshments selected by Company of Cooks. There was also Vogue cinema showing the behind the scenes at Vogue. I’m really trying to keep this short and tell you as much as I can! I spent about half an hour on the trend talks which was inevitable how long I would spend on that. The trend talks were Vogue’s view of what really counts this season. There were lots more and for hair lovers and make-up was Burberry’s camp with their stylists offering makeup consultations on how we can explored the signature Burberry looks, and on the other side was Kerastase ‘Cool-girl’ hair. 

The next panel talk was 'Want to work in fashion? - Vogue's fashion master class' by Lisa Armstrong, ALEXANDRA SHULMAN herself, Sarah Burton, Daniel Marks and Louise Wilson. This was by far the most insightful panel (for myself of course). They provided us with the BEST tips on how to start a career in fashion from designers, to editors, to PRs; you name it. You'll be surprised where they all came from. The amount of jobs Lisa Armstrong has had? But look where she is now. This was truly inspiring. I don't think this could've come from anyone else apart from these 5 people. This was defiantly a once in a lifetime opportunity from these experts in the industry.
What I took from the panel?
1. WORK HARD and with passion . Love what you do. Basically don't be complacent because you know fashion! Its all bucketloads of hard work. Also don't apply to be an editor at Vogue when you really just want to be a stylist.
2. Make friends with as many people as you can! Connections are the way forward.
3. Think long term not short term.

From left: Lisa Armstrong| Louise Wilson| Daniel Marks| Alexandra Shulman| Sarah Burton

 Finally, the most anticipated panel talk, ‘Fashion Legends’ with Naomi Campbell and Editor of Italian Vogue (and ambassador of many other amazing things) Franca Sozanni. The talk exceeded my expectations of them. It opened our minds on the careers (with Naomi in her 28th year of being a supermodel). I would say the most exciting topic in this talk was the rise of fashion in Africa. Being an African myself, I would say I had little idea of how fast the fashion world in Africa is evolving. With both Naomi and Franca having worked and explore the issue of diversity in fashion. What better people to discuss this with? Their approach to changing the fashion world positively for ‘people of color’ was heart-warming.
What I took from this panel?
1.       Naomi definitely has plans for us in 2015!
2.       Africa is up coming in the fashion world, more opportunities for us! And this is all thanks to Franca and Naomi.


Coco xxx

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