Monochrome ss13 & Mixing Prints: It's all about black and white!


So here's the obvious post! Ha wondered how long it would be till I did the monochrome post. I decided to not be too predictable by just wearing black and white and what better way to execute this trend than mix prints? Mixing spots, checks or stripes and even mixing the same patterns allows you to rock one of the 60’s classic styles considering that spring/ summer of 2013 is significantly inspired by the 1960s, (greatly showcased by Louis Vitton taking on the mod look). The reason why I love monochrome so much is because it’s a classic style and as simple as it’s ought to be, I think it’s a perfect trend for you to add a pop of colour. A novel perspective for it, 60’s with a touch of 2013! I came up with a few fits to show off this style. I was quite excited about the whole idea of mixing prints, especially spots and stripes. If not that then I would just add a pop of color to the outfit.

Trendspotting: ss13 All White: All White Trend


Of course black and white is tremendously trending this season. But white alone is the new black! It's a summer staple; it's light, it's 'pure', it's chic and it's clean. All white is never an easy color to pull off, unless of course it's your wedding day. A lot of people are quite apprehensive about wearing this color but in all honesty it's not an intimidating color to wear; although it does draw a lot of attention, it is one of the colors that imply minimalism.  You cannot possibly over do it. Simplicity is key. A vast majority of the ss13 shows had this trend, I tried not to lean towards the obvious choices such as Chanel and Celine in choosing looks to put up.
White is not an easy color to wear so if you want to create an ensemble, you will find the items you bought thinking were white are actually not as white as you thought when you start to compare them. Some may seem 'whiter' than others. This is absolutely fine as it gives you more options when you go for off white colors or pastel whites. It also reduces the attention to your outfit as compared to when you are wearing whites of the same textures. Also!! Don't over accessorize. Simple jewelry will be perfect.

The Building Center I

Its seemingly becoming a routine that I spend some me time before another hectic week, and each week becoming much more hectic than the last. I feel I'm slowly attaining my prime- though questionable at times when I look at perhaps how young I am *shrug my prime shouldn't be defined by my earth day. Today's decision to visit The Building Center was after I watched 'The South Bank Show ; Norman Foster' the man behind the Gherkin, The Sainsbury's Center and The Honk Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) on Sky Arts. I enjoy starting new projects but being a person with an extravert temperament I tend not to complete these projects, I've set myself the life long goal of always doing as I say I intend on doing.

Ultimate Love | Maison Martin Margiela

My obsession with simplicity has lead to other levels on obsession with neutral colours, and my obsession with designers with an almost set neutral or monochrome pallet as well as all this amazing stuff monochrome and muted colours are on trend. I love how colour isn't so much the focus its more the construction of the piece and the material used. I appreciate good material more than I should perhaps. I feel things like this will lead the great depression reliving it self for the rest of my earth life. Oh well! I introduce Maison Martin Margiela, made up of the man him self and his grande team of designers starting with Ann Demuelemeester, Dries Van-Noten, Walter Van Beirendock, Dirk Bikkembergs, Dir Van-Saene last but not least Marina Yee. Yes, you would have guessed right by now- I am going to stalk each and every designer there and immerse myself in their talents! I found this video on DAZEDdigital and fell in love with the setting, the styling, the models, the lighting, the construction the eerie music- Tres fantastique! *sigh.. Just look!


I'm having a panic attack, look. at. my. Maison. Martin. Margeila. Sha'pp'n Lehst! (wish list)

Roy Litchenstien : A Retrospective. II

Evening guys, I finally got the chance to upload the second part to the Roy Litchenstien post, well here is what I wore to the gallery. Your are going to be seeing those strapped sandals a lot for a while. 

Roy Litchenstien ; A Retrospective. I

I have the easily forgettable pleasure of living in London, I have access to many things of a close interest within my range. Today I spent a few hours strolling around the Tate Modern along with my niece. Roy Litchenstien  is currently holding an exhibition called 'A Retrospective' running throughout May. I have to be honest though he doesn't live up the hype that surrounds him. I studied him in the previous years and it seems all my teachers spoke so highly of him. I saw his work on the internet in books but actually coming close up to his work? I thought would feel a bit more than it did. Its not all negative. I found a few pieces I studied and reworked in school and truly and utterly fell in love with design, and you'll see why!  This will also tell you a lot about my fashion sense, why I love simplicity and most of all lets take a moment to appreciate realism, what I consider the epitome of skill and technique. Id recommend any comic fanatics to go and see his work, I feel because of the type of art I favor, I haven't given credit where its due and perhaps I should. All in all I was impressed by Litchenstien's ability to duplicate several pieces of the same piece of work, as well as his seemingly obsessive ways with perspective and how light works along with it. I loved his projects on 'nudes' and the sculptural work.

Tate Modern: Exhibition
21 February – 27 May 2013
Adult £15.50 (without donation £14.00)
Concession £13.50 (without donation £12.20)

OOTD: Medi-Dress

in the words of the Reaper,


What's truly up guys? (I wish our viewers would comment, at least tells us what you like or don't). Moving along its been a lovely day, my most relaxed day this week so far.. well I'm having one of those anxiety attacks of both excitement and sheer bewilderment. Long story short, for a good chunk of my academic years I studied art. Last year happened *pause* so I decided (I had no choice) to take this gap year that's been hell for the past 6 months though I'm ever so grateful for now. I then decided to change my path due to realizing what generation I live in and decided to do something challenging I had always told self I couldn't. I'm currently sitting in my bed, looking at the clutter I've caused by trying to tidy up, ironically this is my state of mind. I'm a busy messy bubble bee because I want to reorganize my life- as well as that I'm a city girl, I love being on the go. Basically I have an interview with a university tomorrow and I'm bricking it!!