Trendspotting: ss13 Zara Skort


It feels like I have disappeared the face of the earth! I have been extremely busy the past month. Have to give Thanks to Cherish for being consistent with the blog. I wanted to do this post over a month ago. The pictures were taken that long ago but I didn't want to upload them simply because the shoot was taken in the evening so the pictures came out dark and rather unflattering. But I got over it, so here goes...

*apply American accent* What is it?? Is it a skirt? Are they shorts? NO! it's a SKORT!!
So I bought this mini skort from Zara. Dissect that word and its a skirt-short. It's still in stock for £25.99. It's worth every penny I think. It's been so popular with bloggers too! I absolutely love it. Even fashion icons such as Olivia Palermo and model Karolina Kurkova have been spotted in a skort. They are so chic and up to date. I remember back in February/ March when I did the spring/ summer 13 trend report. I stated that asymmetrics would be in this season, but I did mention I weren't quite sure how the high street would embrace this trend. And voila!! It's the skort! I love it because it can be easily be dressed up or dressed down. It proving to be my go-to summer staple!

The Generic ; Booty Shorts

Hey Guys! Before I start id like to say it seems my newest styling post articles are creating a buzz, It really shows! The stats went right up and I cant be more grateful! Thank you guys.