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Hey guys! Cher, on the mi-kkity mic without a mac. Well that's the beginning and the end of my rap career. This morning before work then finding out I don't actually have a shift today (yeah. I made the journey to work before finding this out.) I did a shoot with my 18 year old niece. Id love to feature her sometime actually, thought that's for another day. I decided to bring out my silk shorts I bought last year during the fall sales with summers stock I guess. I love love these shorts I'm always in them, I hate being clothed when I'm trying to be comfortable so these are my go to when I'm indoors obviously paired with a crop top vest. *reminisces then sighs with great relief. I love the way this boxy shirt makes the shorts pop! EVEN when the shorts ride up (as they do- all the time, due to inheriting 'birth giving hips'). I completed the outfit with a gold chain, sunglasses and my fav heels atm. Who likes my hair!? That style was a big mistake gone cute! .... right? the other accessories don't feel very relevant to me perhaps its because the outfit would have been just as cute without them. I love this look, I suppose its very Cherish in a sense and simple and comfortable that's what I look for in life. I love how fashion defines the person beneath the clothes/design.

In other news, I have so much to tell you, hopefully by the end of the month, I will have something to show and tell. Its great thangs I tells ya! *points with hook hand*

Much love

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