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Hi guys! So as the post says. This is part two of the vinyl skirt. There is a part 3 coming! I think this post will allow me to illustrate just how to wear a vinyl skirt. I'm pretty sure most people like myself would look at a vinyl skirt and think 'But what would I wear it with?' Of course I had the same question as I was buying mine. This post in particular is my favorite. Simply because its one outfit yet it executes so many different styles to wear a vinyl skirt. Although the idea of vinyl skirt this season was steered to pencil skirts, there were plenty of vinyl skirts in all shapes and forms, the minis, the midis, etc. As seen on the catwalks of Topshop Unique (surprise surprise); dirndl skirts were the ideal wardrobe must have this season. Going back to the 50's with the ultimate (ha) lady in the full skirt, with a high wasted and tight waistband, and with the bottom quite wide. Soft feminine silhouettes were immensely popular in the 1950s (thanks to Christian Dior). Writing this has just inspired my next posts (after the vinyl of course). Without moving off topic, I wanted to show that you can do erotic elegance with a dirndl skirt in vinyl. 

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Happy new year lovelies!

This has got to be my most anticipated post!! I've been longing to do this post for a few months now. Since 2013! Speaking of the new year, I've decided this is definitely the year I will be somewhat devoted to the blog. I promise I will be a lot more consistent. Back to the matter, we witnessed the use of fabrics take a sexier turn to vinyl. Of course, vinyl clothing has been associated with sex and kinky lingerie. The Ann Summers Erotic wear consists of patent leather, liquid shine and vinyl materials. But who said vinyl was only for sex shops? ha! So many designers used this fabric for this season's collections breeding a sexualised elegance. I particularly like the idea of the mixture of fabrics in the looks, a juxtaposition of plastic and fur and even better fluff! As you may have noticed I have been wearing my fluffy knits with literally everything. I also loved the colors that were used for this fabric (main colors) which were pastels, esp. pastel pink.