Shine bright like a ...| New Year's Eve Outfits

Heyyyy party people! It's party season!! Ha I'm in such a good mood :) .. It's getting closer to the end of the year and you know what that means!! No not Christmas .. The other one .. New Years Eve. Everyone's biggest worry is what to wear! Well here I am .. Not super woman but something close haha. It seems that sequins are in this season.. To be frank I didn't even notice till The KK launched in DP .. Turns out they did do their research lol. My apologies. I decided to rewatch a few shows to see if I was wrong. When I think sequins I think dress up so I went to my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE designers to see their fall/ autumn/ winter collections. They had amazing dresses as always and of course I'm talking about Elie Saab and Badgely(&) Mischka. Their dresses had sequins and I think sequin is Abosolutely perfect for a New Year's Eve outfit.. I wouldn't go as far as we did last year by buying a whole bunch of sequin clothes. It's trending but it wasn't that popular on the catwalk. Here's a few dresses from the collections and I tried to find a few cheap sequin dresses you could wear for New Year's Eve. These dresses are just mere examples. Boo hoo, Missguided and Very have sequin dresses for a lot cheaper and a variety of styles!!
Sanks xx

Winter Coats!!| Fashion 2012| AW12

Most people hate winter cos you don't get to show off your fashion but I beg to differ!! Anyways that's not what this post is about lol. Everyone needs their statement winter coat cos it's the one thing you'll be wearing the most throughout the whole season. Here's a quick little guide to what coats you should be looking for when you look for you seasonal piece. I know leather is in but guys PLEASE put your leather biker jackets away! The ones with the studs/ spikes and even the fur! I know they are hot but they are SOOOO last year! *rolls eyes* lol .. (smile)

Like I said. Leather is in! lol It's been for over a year now (yaay). I'm loving the leather paneled sleeves. They are so chic and elegant. This style took over the catwalks for AW12! Sooooo many shops have these jackets so you wont have to worry about where to find them. (From Left- catwalk inspiration- Philip Lim, High Street -Zara £119).

Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins

If any of you follow me on Instagram then you would've seen the post I posted MONTHS ago about the KK for DP. I was so excited. Been waiting for this for about 4/5 months lol. Well it launched this morning and I was quick to go on the website and see what they had given us. To be honest I'm disappointed. The clothes are absolutely rubbish (sorry). The dresses to be specific look so skimpy, cheap and fresh! Kind of clothes someone who just came from Congo would wear. I'm not impressed at all. The rest of the collection is so mediocre. It's just what any other high street shop has already. Nothing new nothing exciting. The prices however are very reasonable so I really can not complain on that. The only thing that I liked was the bags and purses. They look slightly trendy. Nevertheless they are so common. They reminded me of River Island! They look so similar. Actually exactly the same.. Just different brands. Bottom line; not impressed! I feel somewhat insulted. As if they didn't do their fashion research beforehand.

Oh I have not posted anything in a few months! Been so busy bear with us lol

- Coco