Lost Files #1| Dirndl Skirt


Hi guys,
We are slowly approaching spring and due to my miserable attempts to simultaneously cope with work life and social life, I have numerous pictures for Winter/Autumn posts which I never got the chance to upload. Seeing as the season is almost over I thought to finally post these before it is completely too late. So, today's post, is focusing on dirndl skirts (surprise surprise). I know I already have a WHOLE post about these skirts but I just can't get enough of them. The dirndl skirt always appears on the best runways in various colours, styles, prints, textures etc. They are a definite season must have and I'm certain they will be in next season too though I would recommend to get more summery colours (pastels and monochrome). I love these skirts because they are the ultimate lady wear (in my biased opinion of course). I like the fact that this skirt has a pretty silhouette. Of course when you think of silhouettes, you think of figure hugging clothes to show off the curves. But these skirts go way back in history to the 50's when the tiny waistline was the hallmark. It's the clever small waistband that gives the skirt the perfect lady shape. No matter your shape, this skirt will always have a smaller waistband. The bottom of the skirt of course is full and circular; giving off a feel of the curves (they come out after the waist right). With that being said, dirndl skirts are appropriate for any occasion, even the office! I however, have not been brave enough to wear one like this to work. Although the skirt is traditional, in terms of it's prominence in the olden days, you can easily modernise it with a pair of heels or boots and some accessories if you like. If that's a bit much for you you can wear them with a pair of flats for a young and fun look. It's a perfect street style wear too. You'll definitely have a few heads turn around. You'll be surprised how much attention this skirt can bring with it's minimal leg show. If you don't necessarily want a dirndl skirt you can add a tiny waist belt on top of a coat or dress with a similar style.
I absolutely love this skirt because of the pattern and the texture is amazing. It's extremely warm and slight heavy! I love how there are low pockets just below the hips; that alone nails the 1950's look.

Winter Whites| OOTD

Hi guys,

So I've noticed I never post any OOTDS. Now that I have my own camera I hope to do a lot of these a lot more. They maybe just a normal every fit or my favourite fits. Who knows. I just want to find ways to engage with you guys as much as I can. Today's fit was a 5 minute outfit! I woke up with a toothache from hell so I had to cancel work and book an emergency appointment. To make the most of my day off I decided to go shopping with my sister after my appointment. I had no time to get ready and just picked up these white jeans and the cami top hoped for the best. I then paired them with these cute shoes. To make my look a little neutral I wore my nude/ tan coat to compliment the shoes. I added the brown skinny belt to accentuate my waist as the coat is a little oversized. This fit is quick and quite clean. You couldn't tell it was a rushed outfit. Or would you?
Hope you like the fit! If not..there will be plenty more!

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend 2014| Streetstyle

I couldn't do one post on the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend simply because there was too much to share for one post. In my previous post I discuss the catwalk shows and the designer show rooms. But there was so much more to it. The minute we got there we were stopped and had our picture taken by a lovely well dressed couple. Instantly I got the buzz. Yay we are here! The afternoon followed with more picture taking, shopping, and more.

What I wore
So this is my second pep-hem skirt and I think I might be adding more to my wardrobe! Although they may not be everyone's cup of tea, I'm certain I'll be seeing these everywhere next season. Lime is not a popular colour in my wardrobe but when I saw this skirt I didn't think twice about buying it. I just knew it was going to be mine. I paired it with this monochrome check tee so my outfit wouldn't look over the top. I wore the colbalt blue coat to balance the whole fit.

London Fashion Week| London Fashion Weekend


Hi lovely readers. I know it's a little late but I could not go without saying how amazing London Fashion Weekend was! It was my first time going and I was literally in my element. I went on the Friday and I had a Gold Ticket to see the trend catwalk show and the designer show. The trend show was a collection of SS14 trends put together by Net-a-porter's sister company Outnet.com from various designers. I think it's an incredible idea because it's pretty much a summary for the oncoming season without all the research. After the shows, you can purchase the clothes showcased on the catwalks. Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend is the biggest consumer event there is so there were VARIOUS show rooms to buy some designer clothes from the most contemporary designers such as Blumarine and Vivienne Westwood. There were also upcoming designers there whom we should certainly look out for. I fell in love with Ukulele's clothes! I bumped into their creative director and complimented her dress (asked for a picture of course), then she told me it was her collection and directed me to her showroom. By the time I got there, half of the clothes were gone! However, there was a lovely Lurex suit in pink that was still there. It was lovely! It was a two piece and so gorgeous. I didn't plan to buy anything but Fleur B had an amazing gold (metallic look) skirt I just HAD to purchase. It has a pretty pep-hem which makes it third to my collection! How ironic I was wearing a very similar skirt when I bought it.