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I am Cherish, I would define my style to be sporadic and electic- my sense of fashion changes with my surroundings and also depends on the state of my life. I am currently in the phase of my life where I am embracing the fact that I am actually girly (and pink has always been a fav colour). However I am also an artist running my art work under the alias of Faye Marakami, this confuses but its too late to merge this blog and my art work- thats the long story short. I couldnt define my style if I wanted too, I change my mind too often, and that's okay sometimes.




I'm Coco and I have a genuine passion for fashion. I love clothes. I love to shop and dress up and just wana share my passion with other fashion lovers. I think I have already established my style so you'll be able to know my posts from far! I also love fashion research so my posts will somewhat be derived from what's in and what I've noticed on the catwalks. More inspiration for us!

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