Casual Challenge - 1 Skirt: 3 Looks|| Full Skirt Again! X In Moda Fashion Show

Hi guys! So I had planned that my next post would be about the new trend Vinyl. Which I was extremely excited about. Unfortunately the ever so fabulous British weather shattered my eagerness. It has been raining non stop which meant we couldn't shoot outside. We decided to create our own little studio and carried on with the shoot. The vinyl pictures turned out to be a disaster so I thought it would be a great idea to try again. It's not all doom and gloom as I managed to get some good pictures in other fits.

It seems that most of my posts are more or less 'dressy' so I wanted to try something else for the next few posts. Today's post in on the full skirt again. I just can't get enough of them! I saw this skirt in Miss Selfridge after I had done the full skirt post. It's PU and I love the leather look it has. I wanted to dress it down a bit so the looks I styled were somewhat casual. I don't have much to say as the Full Skirt post has pretty much explained why I love it.

Let's get plaid!| Tartan| AW13 Tartan (Trendspotting)

I feel as though every season there's an 'obvious' trend which I expect myself to do. By obvious of course I mean the most popular trend. It almost feels cliche to make the 'obvious' post but I would feel incomplete! More relevantly, plaid took over the catwalks everywhere. Naturally, as soon as I noticed the trend I went to Burberry; notoriously known for it's checkered style. To my surprise, this season Burberry stayed well clear from the plaid trend. In which other designers worked to perfection in different styles such as tartan, tweed and even hounds tooth. With that being said, tartan was the most popular. Initially the thought of tartan sends me to a thought bubble of masculine ensembles (which ironically is also in season - tailored). However I think this season, it has been given an edgy look to make it more fun. Moreover, I think Moschino plaid it well (ha see what I did there). Moschino was my absolute favorite collection for this trend; I understand that those who don't quite understand the British Heritage will not appreciate this collection (never mind that  Moschino is an Italian designer). But I haven't seen any designer that has pulled off this trend like Moschino has, I haven't watched them all. When wearing tartan, adding a dash of denim makes the trend easy to wear. If you decided to wear a tailored suit in plaid then you would've managed a double entrendre, ticking two seasonal trends in one go.