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I feel as though every season there's an 'obvious' trend which I expect myself to do. By obvious of course I mean the most popular trend. It almost feels cliche to make the 'obvious' post but I would feel incomplete! More relevantly, plaid took over the catwalks everywhere. Naturally, as soon as I noticed the trend I went to Burberry; notoriously known for it's checkered style. To my surprise, this season Burberry stayed well clear from the plaid trend. In which other designers worked to perfection in different styles such as tartan, tweed and even hounds tooth. With that being said, tartan was the most popular. Initially the thought of tartan sends me to a thought bubble of masculine ensembles (which ironically is also in season - tailored). However I think this season, it has been given an edgy look to make it more fun. Moreover, I think Moschino plaid it well (ha see what I did there). Moschino was my absolute favorite collection for this trend; I understand that those who don't quite understand the British Heritage will not appreciate this collection (never mind that  Moschino is an Italian designer). But I haven't seen any designer that has pulled off this trend like Moschino has, I haven't watched them all. When wearing tartan, adding a dash of denim makes the trend easy to wear. If you decided to wear a tailored suit in plaid then you would've managed a double entrendre, ticking two seasonal trends in one go.
Tartan is also a fun print to wear, especially this season; you can have in on anything from denim to metallics to leather. I have noticed the high street shops have a lot of tartan shirts with little leather detail on the sleeves, collar or pockets. Very contemporary. Bouchra Jarrar played with both metallic and leather; rather a punk look. In their Couture collection, I felt as though they were really giving us a clear and concise direction and guidance on how to achieve an easy look with plaid. If you dare, wear your tartans with chains, zips and leather (image attached bottom of page). I CAN NOT go without giving kudos to VERSACE on their collection with 'plaid punk' 'punk plaid' (whatever floats your boat..I made this up by the way). Donatella showed us a streak of her personality with the most amazing punk-plaid theme. The vinyl (which is my focus for the next post...excited) , the plaid, the zips and chains; they were all immaculately put together. The looks were SEXY and fun. The most exciting collection I've seen for this trend!!!

Back to the matter, here are a few outfits I came up with. I tried not to lean on one style of the prints so you may notice the style change as the outfits change!

Look #1:
Notice how I played with leather. The top has a detailed front in leather with tiny pores (not practical for the oncoming weather). The skirt also has a mock pocket with leather detail. This skirt is a great choice for the season because the colours are soft and warm. Camel and navy are always staple colors for autumn and winter, plus the material of the skirt itself is warm.

Top: Primark| Skirt: Dorothy Perkins| Necklace: Miss Selfridge| Shoes: Zara| Coat: H&M

Look #2:
Like I mentioned earlier, adding a dash of denim makes the trend fun and easy to wear. I absolutely love the detail on the jeans! Though I don't really like jeans, boyfriend jeana in that matter. I think this might be a perfect wardrobe must have for this trend.

Top: Next| Jeans: Primark| Shoes: Zara| Coat: H&M

Look #2b: I don't think I'm very good at styling jeans. In respect to these jeans I thought to create two looks with this particular pair. I don't think I can create anything truly special with jeans so I kept the outfit simple; keeping in mind that the jeans have enough detail on them. Besides, you can never go wrong with jeans and a tee!

Top: Camden| Jacket: Forever21| Jeans: Primark| Shoes: Zara

Look #3:
This was never meant to be part of the post but as I was making this post I decided to swap the original final outfit for this suit. A last minute change, which I'm certain I might regret later. But I love this suit and its WARM! Topshop also as a similar one but I doubt its as warm. I love that I can play with the pieces too. I have styled the same top and trousers with so many different looks. 

Top: Zara| Trousers: Zara| Clutch: River Island| Shoes: Primark

Catwalk Inspiration:
Bouchra Jarrar AW13| Couture

Moschino AW13| RTW
Versace AW13| RTW
Moschino AW13| RTW

Versace AW13| RTW
Clements Ribero AW13| RTW

Tommy Hilfiger AW13| RTW

Versace AW13| RTW

Thank you.

Coco xx

 Coco xx


  1. I'm absolutely lovin' your style!!! Love how you styled that tartan peaces! XO


  2. Hello, thank you so much for visiting the blog, girl you are killing it!! Love the plaid and tartan, and your making me want to drive to Zara and go pick up those pants and that matching top.



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