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A warm welcome to myself *applause*.... Thank you Thank you. I would like to apologize for the inconsistency! I have been EXTREMELY busy the past 4 months! After graduating adult life took me by surprise. It's all good news however. I have embarked on a career journey. I can't say much at this point but I love my current job and it reflects my personality very well ... No chance of fluctuation as of now... Hopefully. On top of it all, I have been such a busy bee I've been contemplating whether to carry on blogging or not!*gasps*. I mean it's only fair; I don't have the time for it anymore unfortunately. As those who know me would've predicted it was only a matter of time till Coco got her mojo back. And it's good to be back to say the least. I have so many ideas I would like to share with you.

Now that the re-intro is out of the way, I would like to really get into what this post is really about. 

We are going through the transition from summer to winter and I sometimes ponder on this period of time and it's place in the fashion world. Without prevarication, I think Autumn (or Fall in American terms) may well be my favourite season when it comes to fashion. It's our chance to play around with summer and winter. Moving to a more relevant direction... Who is tired of bodycon midi skirts? I know I am. And I'm more than happy to say midi skirts are still in AND they are not body cons. Perfect. The new midi is the full skirt. Slightly longer than the usual midi skirt, it's mid calf. It has a very distinguished detail to it that makes it different. It has a very pretty lady like, slight and gentle flare at the bottom below the knee. Definitely one of my favourite trends this season. And now is the best time to wear it before it hits winter and before the weather coerces me to wear tights with it. Which in my rather subjective opinion is a no no. I can't imagine that just yet. I don't want to. Lol. It's very easy to wear and easy to style. Tall or short! On the catwalk Celine was my favourite collection for this trend. (Surprise surprise). Celine is known (I presume it is) known for it's gentleness, lady like and sophisticated looks. And this season it did just that with the skirt. Traditional yet modern. This trend maybe a bit old for some but I love the 70s feel it gives. I feel like a stylish woman on a mission. The trend gives a story. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to it: a young lady with so much going on yet she's calm and very sophisticated. I think I'm at that point in my life at the moment. Being a young professional I want to look young and mature and you can't go wrong with this with the implication it's assembled correctly. Avoid over accessorizing as well as mixing and matching. A slight mistake will make the whole outfit  overdone. The skirt is a huge statement itself. Work the rest of the outfit around that. 
Here are a few outfits I came up with wearing the full skirt.
Outfit #1:
This outfit I love *pats self*. I wore the same colour (s) without exaggerating the look. I wore mixed textures to achieve a clean look. The jumper is knitted and fluffy plus it's very cosy. 

Fluffy Crop Jumper: Topshop| Skirt: Topshop| Necklace: River Island| Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Send Email - 

I was undecided on this outfit whether to accessorize it or not so I tried both. If you chose to do so here's the outcome. I think it looks good either way.

Outfit #2: 

Top: New Look| Skirt: Topshop| Shoes: River Island

Shoes: River Island

Outfit #3:

Top: River Island| Skirt: River Island| Shoes: Primark| Necklace: Primark| Coat: H&M

Outfit #4:
Wet look pleats are currently on trend this season. Although the skirt is not a necessarily a full skirt, I think the idea of this fit is perfect and trendy!

Blouse: Forever21| Fluffy Crop Jumper: Topshop| Skirt: Miss Selfridge| Shoes: Zara| Necklace: Miss Selfridge

Photography: Cherish Sadomba

Catwalk Inspirations:

Celine AW13| RTW

Celine AW13| RTW
Prada AW13| RTW
Prada AW13| RTW

Celine AW13| RTW
Prada AW13| RTW
Rochas AW13| RTW
Daks AW13| RTW
Jil Sander AW13| RTW
Rochas AW13| RTW
Rochas AW13| RTW
Givenchy AW13| RTW

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Coco xx


  1. Woooow!!! I love your blog! You are incredible beautiful! And i absolutely luv your hair <3
    Surely i m gonna follow you and do you have instagram? oh my god im in love with this looks

    1. Thank you so much! Honored that it's coming from you.. My Instagram is @ohsococo_x I'll be sure to follow back xxxx


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