In the blocks

vest        h&m
trousers gift
shirt       primark
trainers  asos

Hello guys, so I've recently started uni and things are just getting so real at the moment. I am basking in its glory regardless! What are you guys up too though? Its as if I'm speaking to myself to the rest o the world, not to worry, I know people do actually take the time to visit us- my pride tells me you respond telepathically. I myself have been playing catch up with life as one, and getting used to the student-yet not so student life, the list becomes greater each time I am done with one task. Life.

In these images I was quite unprepared for the bad lighting but I love the realism they bring, I wore a white sheer vest and paired it with some white pants. I always feel like colours that bring about an emotion of 'freshness or cleanliness' i.e light blue and green hues, compliment white. These trainers are my go too and you'll notice with the discoloration, for the hat I just put a headband with flowers to add some femininity to the whole ensemble. (that or just really adore flowers).

much love

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