Crawling out of the hole

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Hello guys, Its been a while since either me or Coco posted up anything, I'm trying to see if I can fit this into my not so busy-yet suddenly busy schedule and throughout the duration of my first term of uni. Perhaps I should do you the favour of filling you in on whats happening-happened. Ill start with Coco, who has managed to find herself a graduate job and is doing so well at it at the moment! We are both chuffed since it involves a bit of whats she loves - Fashion maybe she can fill you in as I barely know much. She also recently turned 21- and we had a blast! 

As for myself, I am about to start my honors in Politics, Philosophy and History at Birkbeck and have recently found myself writing for Watch Me Pivot Magazine as a Fashion and Life style writer. I'm hoping for good things to come out of it all, since I will be working on my journalistic skills. I have also recently started my own blog, I hope some of you can check that out, this is one of the posts I have up on the site. There are more similar posts and my artwork and photography. I will find a way to utilise this site in such a way you guys can still enjoy. 

much love, cher

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