Metallic Madness!

So I was browsing in H&M and found these metallic jeans on sale for £7! I would be a fool to leave them! Here's two simple outfits on the jeans. The first outfit I wore with just a tee and a blazer. Casual but nice. The second was before I had my hair done and I wore with a back peplum top.
Coco x

Kanye West!!

I must say I was completely shocked by Kanye West's fall 12 collection! There are some outfits that I loved. I really wasn't expecting that judging on his last ss12 collection. However I'm still rather disappointed that he stayed in the same lane with his style. A repeat of leather and fur and the same weirdly spiral shoes. I think he needs to explore a bit more as a fashion designer but I did like some of the pieces in the aw12 collection. The shows was quite exciting as it finished with speeding go-carts in the dark!

McQueen visors!!

Ok so it's not very often that catwalk stuff go for sale in stores. Thank God for high street replicas! These Alexander McQueen glasses (visors) as seen in the AW12/13 catwalk will be for sale! The theme for this show was futuristic and I presume they are UV protected. They are also crystal clear (complete opposite to how the appear to be). I personally wouldn't buy them but for some these will be in McQueen stores and the website for £270. Fear not those who think that's pricey.. Topshop will be selling replicas too.
-Coco x

 'A short drive'


Cherish Sadomba

Sporty LOVE

Sporty Love

Sunday Lunch - OOTD

My sister took me out for lunch in Canary wharf. I had originally planned to wear something more dressy but the weather was not on my side! Also I currently have no weave in so hello natural hair. 
 Corset - Lipsy
 Trousers - Primark
 Chocker - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Zara
 Shoes - River Island
 Blazer - Select 

xx Coco


Water Colour on bad paper + Ink.

Love Chez

Cherish Sadomba

Rouge OTTD

The barely visible bindi was my source of inspiration for this OTTD, I went with the red because of the colour 'Indian Red', I love love red saree's, I've recently been looking on eBay though I think ill visit an Asian based market for one. I don't have anything close to one but the detail on the dress- which I think is a floral sort of design- a detailed crochet pattern was more than enough for me, again I love simplicity. I wore it with Addidas hi-tops, I have no idea about trainers or anything along those lines. with simple gold jewellery. M black Lennon's made an appearance tonight, little beauties! 

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Love and Loving, Chezz

ps. no camera so mirror pics for now lol

Tartan Chillin'

Tartan Chillin'

Lace socks

Wedge shoes

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Love and Loving, Chezz

Bindi Smooch


Got my bindis in the post now waiting for my tikkas! I want to DIY with these little beauties not too happy with them lol well there is always room from improvement  maybe Ill do an OTTD today, I'm soo shy!!

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Love and Loving, Chezz 

Funmi Wittle

MOJO PIN + take two. from funmi wittle on Vimeo.

One of those random, things people do after a sleep over I suppose, 2009.

Model | Funmi Wittle
Filmed | Cherish Sadomba
Edited | Funmi Wittle

DMU, Fletcher Building.

Photograper | Cherish Sadomba

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Trashy 90's

Trashy 90s

ONLY denim top

Jimmy Choo leopard sandals
£190 -

Gold chain necklace

Crochet jewelry

The day Mr Tee becomes your fashion Icon we have a problem, But he is right now - for all the wrong reason's that somehow tickle my fanny... fancy. 'Check out that Bling Bling'.  Double denim has that Marmite effect on people - I love it! A tribute to the 90's and those leopard print peep toe filthy little darls? I do adore, I just want to scream 'Hoochie' 'Yo' mamma's a big floosie' It feels so vulgar and sometimes its okay to feel that way. Go forth and get dirty!

Trashy 90s by mscherish featuring vintage style watches

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Love and Loving, Chezz.