Trashy 90's

Trashy 90s

ONLY denim top

Jimmy Choo leopard sandals
£190 -

Gold chain necklace

Crochet jewelry

The day Mr Tee becomes your fashion Icon we have a problem, But he is right now - for all the wrong reason's that somehow tickle my fanny... fancy. 'Check out that Bling Bling'.  Double denim has that Marmite effect on people - I love it! A tribute to the 90's and those leopard print peep toe filthy little darls? I do adore, I just want to scream 'Hoochie' 'Yo' mamma's a big floosie' It feels so vulgar and sometimes its okay to feel that way. Go forth and get dirty!

Trashy 90s by mscherish featuring vintage style watches

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Love and Loving, Chezz.

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