Leibster Award

IHello Guys,

So We've been tagged/nominated for the Liebster Award. This is the most fun I've had on this site thus far lol The Liebster Award enables new or hopeful bloggers to network and form blog-lationships. You basically have to write 11 Facts about yourself, 11 questions we ask and add your own questions after this, you then Tag your fave 11 bloggers(we did this in our own sporadic order as you can see) . Pass on the loving guys! Rules do apply though, The bloggers tagged should have less than 200 followers.

Material x Silhouette

Hey Guys, 

Its been an awful while, I've noticed in the time I've been away Coco's managed to generate a lot of viewer and comments. Chuffed! So in the time I've been away I turned 21 and started work properly no more training for a while, other than that nothing new. I also styled Coco's last shoot and realised Im better at that than styling myself, in my opinion. It was an exciting experience in comparison to doing so for myself perhaps because I can truly see my end product. 


Trendspotting: Dungarees SS13| Overalls ss13| SS13 Fashion Trends

I’m somewhat excited to be doing this post. I have been looking for a perfect pair (or pairs in my case) that I could style to my perfect look. Yes, I finally admit to having a ‘style’. I have ‘a look!!’ **fireworks and shooting stars**. Speaking of, I won £100 of Topshop Vouchers on TIW (todayimwearing.com). It’s a fashion-photo sharing networking site that every fashion lover will adore. I posted a few looks (new and old), and to my surprise some of them were made editor’s picks! I was more than thrilled when I actually won. They did a small interview and picked a few of the looks I had posted. If you are interested in more about my fortunate acquisition, here’s the link https://www.todayimwearing.com/style-star-of-the-week-coco-mantsebo/ . I am yet to spend my vouchers and I’ll be sure to let you know what I bought with them.

Buckle up people. This post is going to be a bit longer than usual.