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I’m somewhat excited to be doing this post. I have been looking for a perfect pair (or pairs in my case) that I could style to my perfect look. Yes, I finally admit to having a ‘style’. I have ‘a look!!’ **fireworks and shooting stars**. Speaking of, I won £100 of Topshop Vouchers on TIW ( It’s a fashion-photo sharing networking site that every fashion lover will adore. I posted a few looks (new and old), and to my surprise some of them were made editor’s picks! I was more than thrilled when I actually won. They did a small interview and picked a few of the looks I had posted. If you are interested in more about my fortunate acquisition, here’s the link . I am yet to spend my vouchers and I’ll be sure to let you know what I bought with them.

Buckle up people. This post is going to be a bit longer than usual.

Back to what this post is really about; as the title is pretty self explanatory, I can’t do the whole drum roll, keeping you in suspense feature, though I would have loved to seeing as this trend is an unlikely one. Hitherto dungarees and overalls have been fairly classed as cringey and have historically been associated with the industrial working woman...or man. The idea being that this sartorial piece defies anything chic, sexy or modern with an unflattering silhouette. Behold my fellow fashionistas! The dungaree is back! It’s vintage, it’s chic, it’s whatever you want it to be! This season, the so called ‘dreaded’ dungaree is the hot piece and a must have in your wardrobe. You have no reason to not own a pair. Every high street shop has one. And of course, it was on the catwalk in Paris, London, Milan and New York! They are so versatile AND you can find them in a variety of clothes; shorts, skirts, dress, the full length, you name it. Because they are such statement pieces, they are incredibly easy to wear and you can adapt them to whatever your style may be (given they are styled appropriately. For me, it was about making it girly and stylish. My favourite types are the denim dungarees and the tailored overalls.The vintage style denim ones were so popular they sold out in just a few days at ASOS. I was literally heartbroken until someone probably returned theirs and I happened to be stalking them in my Asos bag when my size magically appeared in my bag. I bought them without thinking twice and they were immediately sold out again.
How you style it is completely up to you. I cannot provide any Do’s and Don’ts with this. I can only say wear with a crop top for a 90s vibe. However during my little research before this post I noticed you could wear it with a shirt/ blouse!

Tip: if you are fun sized like myself just neatly roll them up for a fun, laid back and chic look.

To my advantage Cherish only lives down the road from me, literally down the road so I packed a few items, some shoes and my dungarees and marched to Cherish’s house. I ate some cereal (at 5pm) and got lazy and asked her to style the items, which she very much enjoyed! I will leave some space for Cherish to talk about the styling (if she wants). In the mean time; here are the looks we came up with.

#Look 1:

Crop Top: Asos| Dungarees: Asos| Shoes: Zara

#Look 2:
Now these are not necessarily dungarees but I though the pinafore style at the back qualified them to be haha. Or else it's just a jumpsuit. Which would defeat the purpose of this post lol. I absolutely love this, though the sun decided to make me look like an angel instead of showing the fit properly but I do LOvE LOVE LOVE these dungarees/jumpsuit. 

Bandeau Top: New Look| Dungarees/ Jumpsuit: Topshop| Shoes: River Island

#Look 3:

Crop Top: Asos| Dungarees: Asos| Shoes: Primark

#Look 4:
 I had second thoughts about these dungarees, until I realized how perfect they would be for a holiday look. I'm going away in 2 weeks to Barbados!! These only come in a medium size, therefore they sit really low on my bum meaning they would be perfect for a bikini. However I am still in England so we made the most of it!

Overalls: Zara| Shoes: Asos

#Look 5:
This whole look was Cherish's idea. This look hadn't crossed my mind at all. She liked the all black theme and went with it! I know I look like i went commando but the bandeau just weren't high enough.

Catwalk Inspirations:


Margaret Howell| SS13

3.1 Phillip Lim| SS13
Kinder Aggugini| SS13
Kinder Aggugini| SS13

Margaret Howell| SS13

3.1 Philllip Lim| SS13

Ashish| SS13

Moschino| SS13

Jason Wu| SS13 - (What inspired look 2)
 Thank you!!
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Mucho love
Coco xxxx

Photography: Cherish Sadomba
Styling by myself (Coco Mantsebo) and a bit of help from Cherish Sadomba.


  1. You style the overalls (US term) or "dungarees" so beautifully!

    xo S.


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