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Its been an awful while, I've noticed in the time I've been away Coco's managed to generate a lot of viewer and comments. Chuffed! So in the time I've been away I turned 21 and started work properly no more training for a while, other than that nothing new. I also styled Coco's last shoot and realised Im better at that than styling myself, in my opinion. It was an exciting experience in comparison to doing so for myself perhaps because I can truly see my end product. 


For this post though I wanted to focus on the materials working together or perhaps clashing in a way that it compliments each other- kinda like how complimentary colours work. I noticed the silhouette fabric is on trend too, this just means the silhouette formed by the material is more the focal point rather than the silhouette formed by the actual body and you could go either way with silky loose material or stern neoprene-like material. I have a pair of hand me down trousers from my sister and I've been playing around with them as of recent trying to figure out the best way possible to dress them. The all white trend is so good its so annoying, I cant wait for it to be out of the lime light so I can be selfish. Tucking in the trousers compliments the boxy look the lace tshirt seems to give, It also gave the look a sporty x chic look. Id like to think. The thing with folding the seams of the trousers(or jeans, look back to Coco's post for ref) gives people the petititis-syndrome a little height.

ein |


zwei |

Coco had the pleasure of shooting me, and I have to say we did okay for an amatuer photographer and ... myself not being used to being in front of the camera. These where the first pictures taken- can you tell How awkward I felt!? I chose this crop top simply cause its super cute with this fit! Very minimal the type of outfit Id probably wear to a pub lunch. So ive incorperated the silhouette of my upper body and gave myself a grande ol' derriere, This look I feel would really compliment girls with the rectangle body shape.

drei |

Ask me why Im closing my eyes please!? Ask me and see if we can come to some sort of conclusion. No guys I have no idea why my eyes where closed, I have like three pictures that look like this and I just cant figure out when I decided 'Close yo' eyes- you pretty that way'. Anyway I wore this for my birthday and Coco suggested I do a post on it. Its only right I steal her pose too! Its a shame my hair ruined the pictures, its just so difficult to maintain


Thats all folks! Actually no it isn't, there is this new site called Glossi, its an online orgy galore for all probable/hopeful/wannabee/experienced Editors, I made my first issue its not that great in depth but hopefully great in quality. Im using that as my mood board. Maybe we will make one for this blog too.( Coco we need to discuss) Visit my page and make your own so we can have online mag orgies. Im down!! Im all for it. *wink Follow me on .

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