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A warm welcome to myself *applause*.... Thank you Thank you. I would like to apologize for the inconsistency! I have been EXTREMELY busy the past 4 months! After graduating adult life took me by surprise. It's all good news however. I have embarked on a career journey. I can't say much at this point but I love my current job and it reflects my personality very well ... No chance of fluctuation as of now... Hopefully. On top of it all, I have been such a busy bee I've been contemplating whether to carry on blogging or not!*gasps*. I mean it's only fair; I don't have the time for it anymore unfortunately. As those who know me would've predicted it was only a matter of time till Coco got her mojo back. And it's good to be back to say the least. I have so many ideas I would like to share with you.

Now that the re-intro is out of the way, I would like to really get into what this post is really about.