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So We've been tagged/nominated for the Liebster Award. This is the most fun I've had on this site thus far lol The Liebster Award enables new or hopeful bloggers to network and form blog-lationships. You basically have to write 11 Facts about yourself, 11 questions we ask and add your own questions after this, you then Tag your fave 11 bloggers(we did this in our own sporadic order as you can see) . Pass on the loving guys! Rules do apply though, The bloggers tagged should have less than 200 followers.

A very huge THANK YOU to Gold Couture for tagging us!

Questions | By Gold Couture 
  • What beauty product you cannot live without?
chez, : Don't care much for make up. I guess Lip Balm x Lip Stick.

coco  : Vaseline! I literally can not function without lubricating my lips! I put on Vaseline before I go to sleep and probably foundation but I always make sure there's 3 days of the week I don't wear any.
  • What is your nationality/ethnicity?
chez,  : British Black African 

coco  :  Zimbabwean and British but not a mixture of the two lol
  • What is your [inspiring] profession?
chez, : If life lets me Civil servant x Artist x Stylist x anything else my talents enable me to do.

coco  : counsellor or a stylist or a fashion mag editor of some sort. I'll be content with either.
  • Reason behind the name of your blog?
chez, : Lol Ask Coco, probably nonsensical rumblings between us perhaps we are the epitome of Ultimate. What ever shoe fits.

coco  : Lol to be honest it's however you want to interpret it. Ohhlala connotes beauty,style admiration. The lot. And ultimate means well ultimate .. Incomparable? Greatest? Whatever floats your boat.
  • How would you explain your fashion sense?
chez, : Sporadic. My fashion sense reflects the way I think/function. I'm very impulsive and emotive. Bad combo 

coco  : cherish says Girly I say lady like. There is a difference lol
  • What is your Zodiac sign?
chez, : Gemini
coco  : Leo 
  • Why did you start blogging?
chez, : I've almost always had a blog since I had twitter, this was in 2009 when blogging was becoming the source of so many people's success. I blog because I feel there are so many opportunities that go to waste when I'm not blogging. Its just another door I suppose. It also aids with my writing, I enjoy writing. Its openly personal. 

coco  : I have a passion for fashion that doesn't go unnoticed. So almost everyone I know was encouraging me to start a blog, Instead of constantly bombarding these poor souls on Instagram and twitter. I owe it to cherish to be honest. She's the one that created the blog, the layout etc and coerced me to just get with it lol 
  • What is your favorite quote?
chez, : Not so much a quote, my brain doesn't like remembering things, I treasure the moral of the quote (story) more, Richard Stengel | Mandela's Way : Life Lessons. His my hero and every page is a great source of inspiration and I guess quote worthy. This touches a nerve to be honest. I love him. Get well soon Mandela!
coco  : there's so many but when it comes to fashion I guess it's 'fashion fades, style is eternal' by YSL. And another! 'Money comes and goes' it seems like a bad idea but I'm a shopaholic so I just tell my self that when I want something lol
  • What do you believe is your best quality/feature?
chez, : Honestly? My love for knowledge.

coco  : I've only discovered this but I realised I'm a passionate person. Teach me or show me something interesting and you'll see.
  • What social media site do you frequent? 
chez, : Instagram but as of recent Twitter
coco  : Instagram
  • What is your favorite spring/summer trend?
chez, : surprisingly Prints (more graphics or clashing)  x an incorporation of Sports Luxe x Androgynous x Scifi 
coco : I'm still loving the all white trend!

11 Truths |

chez, : I have a dry sense of humour. There are just a few people who just don't get me, or I don't get them

coco  : I'm the worst liar. I can not lie to save my life! I don't know who implanted the idea that honesty is the best policy in me.

chez, : Cartoon obsessed. My television life revolves around children's cartoons adults cartoons or detective series'

coco  : Just like Cherish I am cartoon obsessed! and children's TV.  I'm nearly 21 and yet I can still down for a few hours watching cartoon network or Disney Channel!

chez, : I will be studying Politics, Philosophy and History at the beginning of fall.

coco  : I am graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree next month!

chez, : I am the last born out of six. 

coco  : I have 3 older sisters. I am close to all of them but my oldest sister is pretty much my best friend. You wouldn't believe there is an 8 year age gap between us. 

chez, : My taste in music changes with the seasons, alternating between the genre's I already favour. i.e soul, indie, rap, trap, electro, house (S.A) etc

coco : I am easily amused. Seriously. I find most things funny which makes me think my friends have a poor sense of humor lol

chez, : I love the word 'comma'. Its simple and reminds you to take a pause before (reading) carrying on along. 

coco  : I love to sleep! I cannot function if I don't get at least 8hours of sleep. Though in my final year of university I had to function with 5 hours sleep. My love for getting some sleep has gotten me in trouble numerous times. With my parents, my siblings and even my friends!

chez, : The things that truly inspire me about fashion are the construction (or deconstruction) of assembling the pieces. I love material, shape and form, space and contrast. Fashion is just a simplified version of  architecture in my eyes, I enjoy the process of the idea, visualising and the experimenting that takes part before the end just as much or a little more than the final piece.

coco : As small as I am, I am an eating machine. I can eat for the world. Scared that it's going to catch up with me soon, as I get older. 

chez, : I love food, I thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking. I love making cocktails too.

coco  : I don't have many dresses in my wardrobe. That's because I love dressing up and fashion because I get to put ensembles together. Can't do much with a dress. Add some nice shoes and accessories that's it. Anyone can put on a dress and look nice. Not many people can put ensembles together. Respect to those that can.

chez, : I love design art. Interior design and Architecture being at the top.

coco  : Because of the way I dress, people think I'm extremely girly. But I'm not! I'm not a tomboy or anything but I don't do my nails, I don't know much about hair and make up. I do not have much interest in that.

chez, : I want to travel. I need to travel.  

coco  : I don't own any trainers, or plimsolls, or vans, or converses... You get the idea. I have a LOT of shoes and i would say 90% of my shoes are heels! Which I hardly wear so I set my self a challenge. Wear heels every (other) day. I'm loving it lol

chez, : I hate dirt. I hate messy/cluttered/ crowed/ rooms or places. I enjoy space.

coco  : I love shopping (well there's a surprise!). I love it ha. I do make sure to never get myself in debt because of it. Mama would kill me!

Our 11 Questions |

  • Who is you're current fave designer(any platform)
  • What cuisine would you go for on a first date?
  • Fave colour and why?
  • What do you study in school/college/university?
  • Whats your ideal job role?
  • Can you hop on one leg whilst rubbing your tummy and tapping the top of your head?
  • Did you just try doing that!? 
  • What material would be your ideal wedding dress?
  • Would you ever go sky diving?
  • Sunflowers or Roses?
  • Busy or Simple?

We nominate |

Much love
Coco & Chez, 

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