Vodafone London Fashion Weekend 2014| Streetstyle

I couldn't do one post on the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend simply because there was too much to share for one post. In my previous post I discuss the catwalk shows and the designer show rooms. But there was so much more to it. The minute we got there we were stopped and had our picture taken by a lovely well dressed couple. Instantly I got the buzz. Yay we are here! The afternoon followed with more picture taking, shopping, and more.

What I wore
So this is my second pep-hem skirt and I think I might be adding more to my wardrobe! Although they may not be everyone's cup of tea, I'm certain I'll be seeing these everywhere next season. Lime is not a popular colour in my wardrobe but when I saw this skirt I didn't think twice about buying it. I just knew it was going to be mine. I paired it with this monochrome check tee so my outfit wouldn't look over the top. I wore the colbalt blue coat to balance the whole fit.

Top: New Look| Skirt: Asos| Coat:Topshop| Shoes: Zara| Bag: Aldo

Styled by ME
I went with my fabulous friend Tapiwa, who travelled all the way from Plymouth! We had been planning to go for over 3 years! She came with a suitcase full of clothes [plus a very heavy handbag] - you can see why we are friends.She had no clue what to wear so I styled her with her clothes. It was a choice between MANY clothes haha. She had some lovely pieces but I loved this skirt from the minute I saw it in the shops so there was no chance for her to wear anything else! I also chose it especially because the skater style suits her so well. Small waist, big booty. I've also notice I have been doing this sort of style for a little while now (full skirt, and fluffy knits). The necklace complimented the fit so well. She had a few pairs of heels but the boots completed the look immaculately. 

Street style
Met some lovely people and saw some lovely outfits. Here are some of my favs.

Met the lovely Adija. K

Ukulele Creative Director

Also met Mellisa.

She came all the way from Hong Kong! Well she's here for 3 months but I loved her fit.

Clearly a fashion student!
I absolutely loved Adija's look. Look just how our styles compliment each other.

Watch out for these animal prints for next season 
Ukulele Lurex Suit

Prints Prints Prints! SS14

How we ended the day ... 


  1. the food looks sooo good!
    you and your friend outfits <3

  2. love your look here :)
    so happy i came across your blog today will defs be coming back
    hope u can drop by mine :)


    1. OMG am so flattered this is coming from you! You're amazing!

      Thank you xxx


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