The Generic ; Booty Shorts

Hey Guys! Before I start id like to say it seems my newest styling post articles are creating a buzz, It really shows! The stats went right up and I cant be more grateful! Thank you guys. 

So today's post is pretty self explanatory due to the title, and Im pretty sure my boyfriend would probably really really hate this post too, but what's summer without booty shorts? (also known as the pum-pum shaaarts, vagina shorts for the weak hearted). I think I spent last summer cutting and prodding at all my old jeans even my sisters jeans-and then today. This was a pair of jean/jeggings that I so loved, because It actually almost was tight on my waist! I never get that close- ever! Besides I love a good pair of shorts so it was a win win. Although as much as I love short shorts, there is so much one can do with them and it shows with blog after blog after blog- we look like clones in cute shorts! I paired this see through patchy tshirt with a h&m vest that I then folded and tied at the back. I hate layering something and it looses the shape I want because its rubbing against other materials. This is also one of the first posts I've included a bag- its cute right!? No idea where I got it from, It was a gift from one of my dozens of sisters. I broke my Bershka glasses which you saw Blessing wear in the previous post- so my John Lenon glasses will suffice till payday.  I hope you like this very brief post. Must dash! 


Much Love

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  1. gorgeus! I wonder where your friend coco got the grey flared vinyl skirt?


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