Meet An the Dwarfchine!

So I managed to finally buy myself a James Russell sewing dwarfchine (its uber small), I got this off of Groupon for about £12.99 though you can get the same from  here. Its the tiniest most adorable thing I've seen! This in all its tiny greatness is going to enable me to do a lot of D.I.Y projects. I have mentioned a few times that I'm working on a project and this is definitely a dead give away, I should hope. I've been doing my research and I'm near enough writing a business plan when that's done I feel I will be able to give you a low down.I feel like if your'e going to do anything, do it with a great deal of patience and I guess do it right the first time round. I bet you where hoping for something more motivating than 'do it right' lol. I have a thing for accuracy, funny enough Fine Art taught me this.

I present Shandriquana-Antoinette also known as An! (Lets hope you get my humor sooner than later)

Much Love

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