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Its seemingly becoming a routine that I spend some me time before another hectic week, and each week becoming much more hectic than the last. I feel I'm slowly attaining my prime- though questionable at times when I look at perhaps how young I am *shrug my prime shouldn't be defined by my earth day. Today's decision to visit The Building Center was after I watched 'The South Bank Show ; Norman Foster' the man behind the Gherkin, The Sainsbury's Center and The Honk Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) on Sky Arts. I enjoy starting new projects but being a person with an extravert temperament I tend not to complete these projects, I've set myself the life long goal of always doing as I say I intend on doing.

The Building Centre
Store Street
T: +44 (0) 207 692 4000

I have a project planned and I'm certain it will take quite a while to get into and the research is much more enjoyable than anything to be frank- I love little surprises and I'm beginning to get familiar with excitement- must say its quite pleasantly pleasant. Its so easy to over look the efforts and money put into construction and today was a clear reminder of this. I hope you all enjoy my day out as much as I did. The Building Center isn't so much a gallery but the ground floor is open for all to see, It's basically a portfolio of London's construction projects including our beloved train lines (Is the sarcasm loud and clear there?) the pipe lines and the building themselves. For those that want to know where their taxes go its worth knowing that at least we are paying for some of the most amazing architecture and engineering the world will come to see (though you might oppose to this feeling I have).

 One thing leads to another right? I had butchers around Tottentham Court Road and found this amazingly perfect shop, I'm going to do a second post on this- so I will carry this on later. If you followed me on instagram you would know I have a thing for lines, shapes, space and light - some of the key points of architecture(By the way, I don't study and haven't studies Architecture, I'm just really fond of the disciplines its teaches and obviously the end product)

Much Love,
Cherish x

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