Roy Litchenstien ; A Retrospective. I

I have the easily forgettable pleasure of living in London, I have access to many things of a close interest within my range. Today I spent a few hours strolling around the Tate Modern along with my niece. Roy Litchenstien  is currently holding an exhibition called 'A Retrospective' running throughout May. I have to be honest though he doesn't live up the hype that surrounds him. I studied him in the previous years and it seems all my teachers spoke so highly of him. I saw his work on the internet in books but actually coming close up to his work? I thought would feel a bit more than it did. Its not all negative. I found a few pieces I studied and reworked in school and truly and utterly fell in love with design, and you'll see why!  This will also tell you a lot about my fashion sense, why I love simplicity and most of all lets take a moment to appreciate realism, what I consider the epitome of skill and technique. Id recommend any comic fanatics to go and see his work, I feel because of the type of art I favor, I haven't given credit where its due and perhaps I should. All in all I was impressed by Litchenstien's ability to duplicate several pieces of the same piece of work, as well as his seemingly obsessive ways with perspective and how light works along with it. I loved his projects on 'nudes' and the sculptural work.

Tate Modern: Exhibition
21 February – 27 May 2013
Adult £15.50 (without donation £14.00)
Concession £13.50 (without donation £12.20)

A few of the sculptures and Paintings I fell In love with, If you'd like to know what is what and who painted them do let me know, and Ill write back to you if you leave your email.

One of my utmost favorite pieces.

Much love,
Cherish x

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