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in the words of the Reaper,


What's truly up guys? (I wish our viewers would comment, at least tells us what you like or don't). Moving along its been a lovely day, my most relaxed day this week so far.. well I'm having one of those anxiety attacks of both excitement and sheer bewilderment. Long story short, for a good chunk of my academic years I studied art. Last year happened *pause* so I decided (I had no choice) to take this gap year that's been hell for the past 6 months though I'm ever so grateful for now. I then decided to change my path due to realizing what generation I live in and decided to do something challenging I had always told self I couldn't. I'm currently sitting in my bed, looking at the clutter I've caused by trying to tidy up, ironically this is my state of mind. I'm a busy messy bubble bee because I want to reorganize my life- as well as that I'm a city girl, I love being on the go. Basically I have an interview with a university tomorrow and I'm bricking it!!

Enough about my anxiety you came here for mediocre fashion, so here we go! I truly love a medi-dress but I hate the fact that every Jehmina and Olufunke wears it in pretty much the same way, regardless of how many lumps and bumps they have  they choose to wear a tight -condom-like fitted dress paired up with the same All Star converses (mostly white ones) and that crap denim/leather waistcoat. I believe a person should put the effort into dressing in a manner that suits their body type. I chose to go for a medi-flowy dress and paired it up with strapped sandals- no waist coat because (it was warm enough) and the dress showed off my tiny waist, if you have a different body type this gives off the impression of a tiny waist and wide hips. I'm not a fan of clutter or that annoying clinging and clanging nose bangles make so my accessories are almost always going to be minimal, though I'm going to start purchasing statement piece's. I realise accessories help to make the outfit.

 Dress | Monsoon Shoes | ALDO Sunglasses | Ebay Accessories | Accesorize & Topshop 

Much Love,
Cherish x

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