Ultimate Love; Richard Nicoll

I'm back from Bristol, tired as hell! Ill post about my trip tomorrow, thought I should do a post on a designer I've loved since last year, Richard Nicholl. Another London born CSM grad who's designs scream out geometry, minimalism and like most British manufactured designers its almost inevitable that the designs have a chic finish. To me this mean the garment is one to treasure the term chic ooze's of everything classy, bold, elegant and the modern woman. I've decided to upload both the SS13 and SS12 collections, to be honest purely because I'm still in love with last years floral prints, the perspex materials, cold pallets and the more interesting layering and textures just as much as I love the new collection which is currently filled with the new so-loved sports luxe, the reoccurring leopard-like print, the mesh seems to have replaced the sheer materials we saw last year. I will start with this years collection.


Current trends// Loose fitting// silhouette created by shaping of fabric. Geometric// use of colours to create perfect symmetry its almost architectural- this contradicts the loose fit so the finish looks musculine yet still retaining it's femininity. Minimalism// Selected colours and material //Leather// Silk// Mesh// Cotton//, shoes kept simple,notice there is a lack of accessories in all his collections to emphasize on the idea of simplicity.


Inst he amazing!? In every single thing he does! I will leave you to have a gander from where I got the pictures or visit his site.

Much Love,
Cherish x

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