Outdoor(sy) Casual: Must Haves!

So after trials and tribulations, I am finally ready to go to Bristol, have a little time away from London and truly get white girl wasted with my girl. This is good bye to excessive use of anything that could hinder my focus on my academic goals and work. Seeing as soon as I get back from Bristol I be will starting my short course in Politics of Identity at Birkbeck Uni, I'm also studying Maths seeing as I never listened in high school. May comes soon after and I start training for work soon as training is over its my birthday. I'll be 21!! Woop woop! Fun times! Every one loves a busy schedule right?- right!? *exhales* I have a whole load  more planned after but not until all these small things work out.

I'm going to Bristol for a BBQ and '4/20' so I have to dress accordingly, and there are few things a lass just has to have. Ill be showing you what I consider to be vital things one needs when going away- in this case to a casual/outdoorsy event- but a bitch gotta stay cute(in the cheapest way possible- for now of course). After all Its a BBQ  things could get messy!

The shoes I'm sure you've seen many girls wearing them now, you probably have a pair. Got them from Primark. I consider them my training shoes- not that I cant walk in heels but If I am in heels, its a wedge. Getting back to basics in expensive shoes I couldn't afford seemed like a waste of money. Though if you're unlike me and would like a cute pair have a gander at Zara, &otherstories And ASOS! I consider these places affordable, either have a wide range or more eccentric pieces. Since sandals are on trend why leave them at home- I just might need a little height on me. The clutch bag- again from Primark got this in a last minute show down recently. Muted colours are on trend so collect as much accessories as you can to jazz up any look.

Okay guys... Listen! As much as I love looking at clothes, playing dress up to pass up the hours- I hate wearing clothes in general most of the time. Its the hippie in me- if it isn't classy Id rather be in a robe. Luckily I can get away with such a mentality and still be a dignified hotty. I love sheer tops and loose clothes- are we all excited about SS13!? Its. just. so. perfect! Add a crop top a cute bikini or a floral print bra- So many ways to dress these tops from H&M- they are super simple. (Simplistica should've been my middle name). Then a bunch of ol' junk in the trunk- My accessories probably wont wear most of them but they could come in handy. Bottom line is- I love simplicity because I can afford it when I'm broke and I can revel in it when I'm loaded. More room to add and take from what you add. Have a fun weekend guys- Ill be sure to upload pics from the BBQ- *anxiety attack due* lol so much to say but so little patience, well Ill leave it for another post. 

Much Love,
Cherish x

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