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I decided to do two separate posts on Vogue Festival; as it was in association with Harrods I thought it would be ideal to talk about the Harrods experience independently. So I'll start with the way my day started! I has woken up late and had my outfit planned already. All I had to do was put it on. I had planned to wear my Fleur B skirt I had bought at London Fashion weekend. To my horror, the skirt was FARRRRRR too big for me. There was no way I was going to wear it to Vogue Festival! I had to think quickly and I put on the first thing I saw. With that being said, I was off! As I've already discussed the Vogue Festival itself, I'll just get straight into Harrods Live then!


Hat: Ebay| Tee: Gift| Shoes: River Island| Skirt: Primark| Bag: River Island

So the #HarrodsLive was a different floor. As soon as I entered the door, I was greeted by one of their 'doormen' or 'green men' or security guards. From thereafter I was handed out a goodie bag with some freebies. There was a lot going on that I just walked to where the biggest crowd was, but before I got there I felt someone grab my arm and this lady asked me 'you look lovely, have you done the catwalk yet?' Confused by what she meant as said no and she grabbed my arm again and said come this way. Before I knew it I was signing some papers to be part of the #HarrodsLive competition. As I was signing, another girl said 'Oh you should definitely take park, I like your outfit!' Although I was aware they had said it to 100s of other girls, it was refreshing to hear that. Especially with an outfit I had put together in 2 mins.

Once that was done I walked to the Harrods Live Backstage and had my make up done by Bobbi Brown stylists.  I then went to the next room where I brushed my hair a little and got ready to walk the runway.  It was buzzing, energetic and exciting! I actually enjoyed it and I am no model in any shape or form! We had the music, the audience and the photographers! We then waited for our pictures to print.  With that being said; my picture made it to the #HarrodsLive finalists so PLEASE vote for me by simply liking my picture. Just follow this link! 1 like = 1 vote so vote for me! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

From there, I was queuing up for a Vogue cover shoot. Make up was done by Chanel stylists and the accessories to were Chanel.  I had a huge selection to choose from but the Lego bag was a winner. The rest had no chance with me. The pictures were printed out on a glossy A4 paper and looks amazing. I will defo be framing it!

I saw the best well dressed people at the Vogue Festival. I have never witnessed so much fabulousness in one place. The event was so busy that I didn't manage to find the time to snap some streetstyle, but I managed to snap these few.

Coco x


  1. I LOVE ur outfit,the shoes are banging !!!
    keep it up girl x

  2. I love the entire outfit, especially your shoes!! That walk down the runway everything! Xx

  3. Absolutely stunning, love the midi skirt on you!



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