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So the sun is starting to set a little later and the rays are starting to feel a little warmer. That can only mean one thing right? Spring/ summer is coming! Now as we get closer to what maybe my favourite season in fashion, we all tend to find ourselves watching and flicking through catwalks and collections to see what’s in store for the oncoming season. For our fashion forward friends, this means pepping for autumn winter.  Only a couple of months ago we were enjoying fashion week(s) or month in that matter. As we focused on the four leading fashion capitals (Paris, New York, London and Milan), there was a single collection that managed to single-handedly be the talk of the industry before the Milan fashion week was over. A rather strange thing to occur as all collections are usually looked at and we try to find repeating patterns at the very end.

 Nevertheless, Moschino has been the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons really. Moschino never fails to disappoint. But this time, they have subsequently failed and disappointed.  Jeremy Scott was the man behind this atrocity. Although we must applaud him for the creativity and bravery for this collection, we also have to question the thoughts behind it, or if there were any thoughts to it all.  Jeremy Scott started as creative director at Moschino late October and he was keen on starting to design for the brand.
It feels as though Jeremy might have an unhealthy relationship with fast foods, or is it that he missed out on his childhood? Fashion appreciates any designer that can take what we see every day or ordinary things and transform it into something fabulous. But Moschino’s collection took the idea of ‘ordinary things’ a little too literal.

Scott used the Mcdonald’s theme in a rather disturbing yet appetising way. The colours were the exactly the same. The looks were pretty self explanatory as to what they were conveying. It’s debatable whether this is an outstanding work of creativity or a miserable lack of originality.  The Mcdonald’s ‘M’ sign was slightly altered to ‘M’ for Moschino. A luxury brand relating itself to one of the world’s biggest fast food brand. It’s not very often you see a fashion icon inspiring to look like a French fry. It revokes a lot of emotions given the concerns around fast foods. Although I don't like the idea of the theme, I do like some of the pieces. Jeremy is an amazing designer and even with a not so great collection I can still see how great he is. I didn't know what to make of the cow print though. I think he was trying to think outside the box too much.
Moschino| AW14
Moschino| AW14
 Moreover Scott uses the cartoon character Spongebob in a rather childlike way. We all have a childhood nostalgia, but given the fact that Spongebob is only 14 years also, I would say Jeremy became an embarrassing mum trying too hard to fit it with the kids. Which makes me question his target audience. Is Moschino re-branding? You would expect something more playful as compared to the childish Spongebob prints.
Moschino| AW14
 I don't doubt Jeremy's ability as designer. He has brought a childhood character to the catwalk before. He was one of the first to bring our beloved Mickey to the catwalk. His A/W9 collection was high fashion, with stunning pieces and the Disney detail added something special to them. He was then followed by Iceberg in 2010 which brought the Mickey Mouse ears to the catwalk. It was playful and fabulous. I feel as though Jeremy tried to relive this but it didn't quite get it right this time.
Jeremy Scott| AW9
Iceberg| SS10
Iceberg| SS10
I have witnessed some child-like themes made to a season must have, but they have been designed to be the brands'standards, With Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse being the biggest cartoon success on the catwalk. Marc Jacobs, just last year brought Mickey to our high streets and to our beloved trendy celebrities. Not our Spongebob friend this year.

Marc Jacobs| SS13
Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs
I thought Jeremy tried a little too hard this year although I must say the rest of the collection did play up to Moschino’s standards, but the vast majority was an utter disappointment.

What did yous think of Moschino's AW14 collection. Am I being too harsh?

Coco x

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