dEthroning kings.

dress : charity shop . ribbon : cake . sunglasses : ebay . monster boots : ebay .

so its been an awful while guys (do u even remember me? lolz), and im not going explain myself really- ive been busy doing nothing to be quite frank. before i carry on this is my new room,- well part of my new room. so u can imagine what ive been getting myself into. 

my style is still strange but i guess i'm in a new phase of strange, i call this the youthful pop teen phase, my inspiration for this summer, typically classic teen high school movies, my most fave being clueless and most independent movies like clerks, pizza, napoleon dynamite even cartoons like power puff girls, dexters lab (remember dee dee's cute outfit). i spent most of the afternoon yesterday watching power puff girls i feel like i went for this graphic flower print subconsciously, now that i think of it. (ps i'm watching these shows for my research, like duh- not because i'm suffering withdrawal symptoms of growing up coz its my birthday soon, or whatever... ). I am now avoiding jewelery that inst a choker or the last of my few rings, once i loose these i'm done buying rings- honestly i loose all my shit and i'm just over this. consumerism wins all the time, and now i just can't afford to care. my chockers and sunglasses are always in a bag or on me- so i never lose them. last but most relevant! my hair = mia. wallace!

where to wear this: anywhere!! on your way to throwing shade at frenemies or simply dethroning kings. whatevz

$tay na$ty!


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