etiquette lessons

jumper ; h&m . top : charity shop . trousers : ebay . shoes : charity shop

i just came out the shower and threw this on, im not really on my way to get etiquette lessons -though ive been contemplating polishing up on my more cultural skills as of recent, not sure what for- but its really really important pressing stuff, as you can see . the colour pallete is just too fetch for life- that shade of purple- to be quite precise a pastel lilac is one of my summer to goes atm. i think its important to have a select few colours to make sure you wont to go for anything and everything, you dont over spend but rather invest in a few collectables that can always be transferable. if you go back to my older posts you will notice i tried so hard to go with trends- and i cant. i just cant keep up and my outfits looks less that impressive! =( i just wanna keep it nasty, how do i tell my mum i'm just tryna make it nasty?? huh? lifes too short not to keep/make it nasty, "that's what i always say" (shrek says this about burping btw). get at me! oh yeah i was drinking wine if you havent already noticed. its healthy! #DUH

wear this : your local council estate, etiquette lessons

stay na$ty

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  1. great pics!
    i love too pastels!!
    deail of vine is great!! is contrast! great idea!

    tell me what about follow each other? i love your log, is amazing! so i wanna keep in touch!
    let me know if you start then i will follow back right now sweety!!
    have a great day and a lot of inspiration!!!


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