grease meets cudi!

 waistcoat ; charity shop // shorts ; no clue // vest ; mate // shoes ; ebay fun&co.

i dare you to go through summer without touching your denim short shorts, literally impossible- the things is that we all end up looking the same in denim- you know... those denim shorts and the cute crop top but you decide to wear trainers because "they might just give you more notes on tumblr- coz its such a cute fit with you're trendy curly hair".. right?   Well yes what the heck else am I supposed to aspire too? Although with this outfit I tried to embody a form of masculinity, so no curls and cuteness. I feel like if Grease was redone in this decade they'd need me to style Danny- I mean you saw Cudi in a crop top at Coachella (he gets 10 life points for that) - the denim waist coat still shows off the arms as they would and should in Grease, why wear skinny fitted jeans when you can wear loose shorts that make your legs looks even slimmer. (I would like to know if im selling the idea yet- if not please read again then again and again until you're near enough a trance?) and if you dint like Cudi in a crop-top- I feel like you don't like all things good and beautiful.

 OMG! who has been playing the Kim Kardashian Game!? I need mates add me : fmarakami

wear this: to your next Grease themed party.

incase you dint see this cutey being overly cute. 

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