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Ive spent most of my day wallowing in self pity due to my broken finger- Basically i slammed my finger in between the door of a car- a moving car ,should I add. The pain was awful but it took me like a nights good sleep to realize that I hurt my right finger and might not be able to paint for a while- AND I'm right in the middle of a project. However- As you do; I took myself and my nieces to go shopping for junk food so I can wallow in more pity about my weight and the dimming light at the end of making a living from my hobby.

I spent my day watching chick flickz and I'm pretty certain I am not finished yet whilst doing so I realized not only can we learn crucial styling tips (facts/scriptures) we indulge in these sweet over exaggerated flicks because they remind us of our simple yet disabling problems as well as making up for the things we don't have. i.e Uptown Girls the hopelessly clumsy girl, with absolute charisma yet fails in love or a career- although her social life is booming (speaking of social life I should be at a friends but i cant go coz I have no one to help me tie my hair up... sad but honest). Anyway in the space of Clueless, Legally Blonde and Uptown Girls, i was motivated saddened (remind me to get some Kleenex for days like these) and I was in a sense empowered. 

The idea that these seemingly clueless girls went out their way to do all they had to do to get in a position where they saw them selves fit (Self Love :: Self worth)

There was always that one person that believed in them more than they ever did in themselves, most cases we find our voices through others- whether it be they coerce us into it, or they simply aid us in doing so. (Finding a voice :: Self Belief ). 

My fave part is sister hood- that's self explanatory, we are friends with the people who we choose and those friendships gives room to explore your similarities and differences -essentially why you are mates. (Sisterhood :: Finding a sense of self). Above all I love how chick flicks such as these, look everything that is girls in the same way some people would approach religion/spirituality.

Jokes aside, I'm yet to get past the clumsy girl phase,  I somehow  get an amazing career that I passionately  love, not forgetting falling in deep like/infatuation with some charming lad- coz right now all I want is muse. I must dash now more movies to be watched and Nietzsche books to be ignored... *sigh. ps my fave accessory from Uptown Girls had to be Dakota's sunglasses .OMG!!

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