Unless you live in Bedrock, you'd be well informed about the AWXH&M 2015 collection, which just premiered. I noticed that,a few people really disliked the collection before the show, which in all fairness, I understand- Sports Luxe made an impromptu appearance about 3 years ago or so and hasn't backed down- multifaceted but prominent nonetheless. I personally have a thing for it- due the fact that I'm so curvy it either looks great or just unflattering on me, I like to resolve such conundrums. Here is where Wang comes in with his flowing hair, prancing all over the gaff after the AWXH&M show, there is combination of oversized outerwear, paired with figure hugging dresses, still retaining the sport luxe look through a use of asymmetric pattern cutting paired with the WANG aesthetics of gradient colour paneling. This should give all body types a few options. The styling was basically a shrine to all that is WANG and combat discipline, black straps along the arms, hugging the torso to accentuate the muscle lining, a variation of see-through or american football type headwear and obviously the cast was a collective of a range of athletic shapes.  I personally loved the outerwear and accessories more than anything, I'm not a fan of leather panelling much since twitter t-shirt designers have rinsed, dried out then burnt out that fad- which wasn't as great in the first place *tries to recall if I've worn a leather panelled anything in past posts before throwing glitter shade-*. Solange was among the guests that made an appearance- Dakota Fanning, Mellisa George- lets not forget that Missy Elliot made an apperance - all dressed in a bit of Wang! The playlist was a compilation of Trap, Rap, more BASS!!  I've decided to only post the womenswear, because I'm kinda selfish like that- (link at the bottom) nonetheless... Enjoy!

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