Girl Power: Asos Peplum Hem Skirt

Hi guys!
So this post was totally random. I had planned what my next few posts were going to be. I even have the pictures. But I couldn't help myself when I got hold of this skirt. I have only just noticed I have a huge obsession with skirts! All my posts are heavily skirt-inspired (can't actually think of any way to explain it). I'm not quite sure where this addiction has come from. Maybe its because of my Tuesday evenings after work. My journey home from work are not pleasant! I detest travelling during rush hour! To make it worse, I take the busiest lines on the London underground! However my Tuesday evenings are slightly better as I pick up a copy of the Stylist magazine on my way home.  Their last couple of issues have been emphasizing feminism, female power, girl power; you name it. Really inspiring and I've never felt so empowered, so in love with the fact that I'm a woman like I do now. Women are taking over the world boys, (Beyonce warned you!). Even my work wardrobe consists of an ample collection of skirts (I see a work wear post coming soon). It's quite intriguing really, the last two years I have been in love with trousers, tailored trousers - those that made me feel like I'm about to take on the world. However my new found love for skirts is rather profound. I don't see myself changing that. Whether it maybe the midi skirt, pencil skirt, skater skirt; skirt skirt skirts. I love being a girl. 

I have completely gone off topic now lol. This peplum hem skirt is a fabulous number. When I tried buying it, it got SOLD OUT!!!! As always, I stalked my Asos bag everyday until my size popped up in my bag. I immediately bought it and it was out of stock within a blink of an eye. When I received it however, my heart dropped a little. I thought the peplum looked badly sewn and the texture was a bit much. I still tried it on and God I did not want to take it off! I understand it's not everyone cup of tea and it can be quite hard to style. I wanted to dress it down a bit; hence the tee. This Zara tee was popular with bloggers when it was first stocked. I'm a blouse kind of girl but again; I'm getting more and more comfortable with tees. I reckon you can style this skirt in many ways. Just takes guts. You could say I played it safe but the colourful necklace compensates the lack of colour. It is worth noting that pastel pinks are trending at the moment and will be moving into Spring with us. I think pastel pink is a very pretty colour. It makes the prettiest addition to winter wardrobes; partner it with soft colors for an immediate feminine look. This skirt is also perfect because it transcends both day and evening.  

Tee: Zara| Skirt: Asos| Necklace: Gift| Shoes: River Island| Coat: Vintage


  1. This skirt is soo cute ! I love it <33

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    You know what ? Take a look to my blog, follow me if you like on bloglovin' or GFC it and let me know, I'll follow right back <3

    Hope you have a great day, greetings from Paris,

    1. Thank you!! We have followed you. Follow back! xxx

      Merci beacoup x

  2. Gorgeous skirt! I've been obsessed with this skirt but scared to order. Hows the fit? Does it have stretch?

    Love ur blog!


    1. Thank you x
      The skirt is a perfect fit but doesn't stretch. The only thing I was worried about was the texture of the skirt but it fits perfectly well


  3. You look fab!!! I'm really thinking of getting it! Do u think it was with the cash in terms of quality??
    Martina xx


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