Date Night Idea!

Woke up this morning feeling unpretty , I went upstairs and took a shower -so now what!? I have to cheer myself up and get myself feeling sexy. I wore a Primark skirt I got my sister to cut a slit for me along with a cute little jumper from new look! That was enough to make me feel good (due to comments and likes on instagram to be perfectly honest)- though if you decided some hot fella has the opportunity to take you on a date- first dates are always awkward, and first impressions do count for a lot- I would know from experience. I thought no cleavage and a bit of leg would suit the occasion. Perfect Combo! For accessories like I said in previous posts I like the more subtle yet perfect touches and Pearls the gold  bangles seemed to go great with the cream from the jumper and from the leopard print belt and shoes- But in my case I basically dressed up to sit in my front room and sew! Im working on a few things for a DIY post, first time ever guys!! I normally just cut and it looks horrible- but I need to learn how to use my hands in every way possible... *wink 

side note : paint your toe nails before you slip into those peep toes!!


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